prescribed clomid with out testing?
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staci - June 24

Hi all! Just have quick Q..I have been ttc for 14 months. On month 12 i went to see my dr. and told him my irregular cycle history(27-37 days), after talking about how they are (flow, when i O etc) he prescribed clomid. I have been on 50mg for 2 months on cd5-9 and am getting ready to start 100mg cd5-9. He has not done any testing what so ever. I had no idea when he prescribed it that i should have had testing until a few days ago. The only monitoring i am getting is him looking at my bbt chart every month. Is this good enough for some dr.s? Or should i call and request testing? He really seemed confident that this is what i needed. Any advice is welcome, i am so nervous to start taking my scrip tomorrow, what if i have a different problem? Oh and sorry, this wasn't as quick as i thought it would be!


staci - June 24

oh and i forgot to mention since taking clomid i O on time and have a 29-30 day cycle! It feels good to have them back to normal again!


staci - June 24

bump ;)


aidansmom324 - June 24

staci, which cd do you usually o? Did your cycles jump back down to normal during the first cycle? My cycles have been 38-40 days for awhile, and my doctor prescribed clomid to regulate o so i can ttc (he never tested me either). He wants me to come back in on cd 21 to check my levels, but I'm worried that by then it will be too late to bd!


staci - June 24

before clomid i was o'ing anywhere from cd13-23. the 1st cycle of clomid i o'd on cd 17 and my cycle was 29 days long-(i have a 12 day lp), the 2nd i o'd on cd 16 and had a 14 day lp. So it seems to be working on my o'ing and my lp. I've had a 12 lp for over a year now and did with my 1st round. Sorry if this is so sporradic! the thoughts are just jumping into my head at different times! My dr. seemed to think this was my solution to my irregular cycles and for ttc. I trust him because he is also my ob/gyn and specializes in infertility and endocrinology and has been around for years and years, i just get worried! oh and to answer your Q, yes they went to normal on my 1st round and are getting even better. Thank you for responding to me! You should already be done with your bding sessions by cd 21(hopefully) which means you should O before then if the clomid is working for you. on the 21 day check they are checking to see if you O'd(checking progesterone levels). So don't worry about it being to late to bd, you should be just fine. and if you haven't o'd by then just keep on bding! it won't mess with your testing.


aidansmom324 - June 24

I forgot to add that my doc tested my thyroid levels, but I am hypothyroid due to cancer anyway, so the bloodwork served a dual purpose (too lazy to go to my endocrinologist, lol). Do you think I should get the ovulation predictor kits and start testing after I finish this cycle of clomid? If it regulates my cycle as good as it did yours, I might have to give them a shot!


staci - June 24

I would get some opks's since you are not temping. I am temping and i'm going to try opk's again this cycle just to be totally sure. I think it says to start using them on day 10 of your cycle.


Ann1 - June 24

Staci, you absolutely should be tested as well as monitored. You should have blood work done on cd3 and 7 days after O. It is possible for a woman to have an lh surge and not O, so the 7 days after O checks your progesterone (good indication of O). You should also get an hsg to determine if your tubes are blocked or not. Clomid will do you no good if you have a tube issue. Also, clomid can cause cysts, so you should be getting ultrasounds on cd3 every month to check for cysts. Most drs also do ultrasounds as you lead up to O and then give you a trigger shot (another way to check for O is if they do an ultrasound a day after the trigger). I would be adament about testing considering that you have already been on clomid and still haven't gotten pg. Without monitoring, you have no idea how many follies you are producing, so a higher dose may or may not be needed. Good luck on ttc!



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