Prescribed and un prescribed
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wantingmorebabies - August 8

"Most couples are interested in two success statistics: the ovulation rate and the pregnancy rate. Fertility drugs are quite successful at stimulating ovulation: about 70 per cent of women will ovulate, the majority within the first three months of treatment. Of those who ovulate, 20 to 60 per cent will get pregnant. The wide range is due to all the other factors affecting pregnancy: from the time you have sex and your age, to the speed and motility of your partner's sperm. While not much information is available on the live birth rate for fertility drugs, a few studies put the number at 30 to 60 per cent. Women who take Clomiphene (Clomid) also have a 5 to 10 per cent chance of conceiving twins." -

I personally believe that these statistics are wrong. There are so many women/girls taking un prescribed Clomid and other drugs to "up their chances" of pregnancy and or multiple births. I am not interested in lecturing or criticizing anyone, I am however curious as to the "real statistics" of pregnancy rates and single or multiple birth rates. I think we would all be shocked to see the truth, maybe even by giving more precise information like this would change a few minds???

I would love to see the actual rates rather than read medical journals who only base their information off of prescribed medications. According to some NICU nurses the rates are much, much higher than being reported.

With a simple "I am pregnant with (or had) "X" number of babies while taking Clomid (or what ever kind of medicine) at 100mg (or whatever your dosage was - prescribed or un prescribed I am not interested in) and the baby/babies were in the NICU for (however long) number of days (if any)."

Please reply and Thank you in advance for keeping this page simple.


slowpoke01 - August 9

i am gonna bump this up for you


littlemanclothes - September 1

another bump, i'm curious too


slowpoke01 - September 1

ok WAITING-as you can see i posted on august the 9th.well august 23rd i got a bfp and aug. 25th i had hcg beta the results from it were 102.9which i am told that was really high considering a/f wasnt due until aug 24th and she was a no show. so i will let you know as soon as i can whether it is twins or not. i was on 50mg clomid days 3-7 had follicle monitoring on cd-5-11-12 cd 12 had hcg trigger shot and cd 14 had iui. so i will keep u updated.


SashaP - September 1

I was pg with twins from a clomid and IUI cycle. I miscarried them at 8 weeks though. I was at higher risk for twins since I had and IUI and there have been a couple of sets in my family. According to my Dr 70% of pregnancys start off as twins but a lot of people have what is called Vanishing Twin Syndrome. I hope this helps.



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