Prenatal Vitamins helping conceive?
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kirk2be7/30/05 - June 6

Has anyone ever taken prenatal vitimins to help conceive and it work? how long didt it take? i bought some prenatal vitamins today and i was wondering if they really increase your chances of conceiving?


Kirk2be7/30/05 - June 6

any information would be good!


AnneH - June 6

I don't know if it increases your chance of getting pregnant but I heard that if you take vitamins with folic acid at least one month before your pregnancy you have a better chance for a healthy pregnancy.


Scotty - June 6

It doesn't help you conceive.. but it does make for a healthier baby when you do conceive. Also -- extra zinc helps sperm production :)


Drew - June 7

Scotty is right. I asked my doc if I should be on them while ttc. He told me it would do nothing for ttc except provide the necessary vitamins when you do fall pg. Good luck!


KC - June 7

I agree my doc told me the same thing. He also said the zinc would help with both female and male repro. parts. So my husband and I are taking extra zinc. Any one hear of the expectra supplement. It is supposed to be taken with prenatal vit. to help brain and eye development in the baby. I am taking them I was wondering who else is.


Sam - June 7

All these girls are right. Im taking Pregnacare which has all the necessary vitamins to prepare your body for conception and a healthy baby,Gud thing is that it can be used even after the baby is born and during breast feeding.


nancy - June 7

pre natal vitamins will not help you conceive, it will just help your and your soon to be baby to be healthy. It's like prepare your body with proper vitamins and minerals that will help you with your pregnancy


rachael - June 9

im takin clearblue prenatal vitamins nothing yet but take em,stop smoking, stop drinking and make ur life healthy coz some ppl say its easy getting pregnant but no its not



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