Prenantal pills....did I get the right ones?
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Jenna - April 7

I went and bought some prenatals yesterday, because we are ttc, and I was told it is good to take while ttc, during pregnancy, and after birth of the child. The prenatals I bought are Equaline-High Potency Prenatal Formula-Dietary Supplement w/ multiple vitamins and minerals.


Jenna - April 7

I just read something about Folic Acids, it says I should only take in 400mcg a day, well these prenatals have 800mcg a day/pill, should i cut them in half or what. I need help this is my first time ttc and I want my baby to be healthy if I am or will be pregnant.


Jenna - April 7



Amanda - April 7

I always heard the more folic acid the better


Heather - April 7

Jenna - You want to have a prenatal vitamin that has 1mg of folic acid. Most prenatals only have 800mcg. That's not enough when you are pregnant. My dr couldn't stress this enough. 400mcg and 800mcg are too low of a dose to ensure proper brain development as well as the umbilical cord development. You don't want to double up on the prentals because you could take too much of the other vitamins they have. Call your dr and ask for a prescription of prenatals. Both my OB & primary physicians told me the same thing. Some people argue saying the lower doses are enough but they are wrong. You want to have that 1mg in your system so that when you do find out you’re 1 month pregnant you’ve already been taking the correct amount.


Jenna - April 7

Could I just take this prenatal until I can get a prescription, because I am not pregnant yet that I know of, and I mean I cannot really get to a dr. right now, I could call but I have to go in for any kind of medication. I dunno what else to do, I looked for 1mg folic acids, all I saw was the 800mcg and 400 mcg. I figured that the 800mcg would be enough until I did get pregnant. Plus at least I could be taking it until I do get pregnant and then when I do I go to the dr. and get the needed prescription/s. I dunno what else to do.


Jenna - April 7

OUT OF THE BLUE----What does "cm" stand for?


vicky - April 8

hi jenna, cm stands for cervical mucus [ one of the signs of ovulation].
Over here in uk we are recommended to take 400mg of folic acid everyday whilst trying to concieve and then for the 1st 3 monthsof pregnancy, lokking at the time difference i assume you are in the usa so recommendations are probably different over there, here i've only ever seen folic acid sold in 400mg tablets, and you can buy them in most supermarkets and all chemists you dont have to get them from the doctor. Good luck hun hope to hear +ve news rom you soon.


Heather - April 8

Jenna - If you have the 800mcg I'm sure you're ok while trying to conceive. I had a m/c and my dr told me to keep taking the prescripted ones. Once you find out you are pg (hopefully soon!) I would switch to the prescripted ones. Again... Both my OB and Primary physicians both couldn't stress the importance enough of the 1mg of folic acid. Good luck!!!


feckles - May 18

All prenatal pills are good - you should look for the one's that have the most folic acid though


nancy - May 20

I think the more folic acid the better, but as you said you're still TTC, so i think 400 or 800mcg is fine. When you find out that you are pregnant then it's time to ask your OBGYN for a higher dose of folic acid and the right prenatal vitamins for you. Sometimes doctors prescribe folic acid separate from your prenatal vitamins, but that would depend on your needs. I think what you have right now is enough for TTC.


akass - June 4

yes,can you help me the right one to take an abortion.


mondo - June 4

From what iv found out most prenatals are good but it is always good to check with your doc good luck Jenna


Drew - June 4

I just talked to my doc about prenatal vits, and he told me that 1mg is the reccomended amount. Hopefully he's right, cause thats what I've been doing!


Meghan - April 6

no not yet



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