Pregnant women are everywhere!!
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Aprilsmile - May 22

This is just a spot to vent because I needed to and maybe you do to. Doesn't it seem that when your are TTC and having no luck that pregnant women are everywhere!! And every book I read or movie I see or TV show I watch feels like it has to put a "having a baby!" somewhere as if there can be no happily ever after without a baby!! It is like salt on a 3 year old wound that won't heal since we have been trying for 3 years. Even my 10 year younger sister has accidently gotten pregnant and had a baby in the time I have been trying!!


Elizabeth - May 22

I know how frustrating this time can be. I just found out that my little sister "accidently" got pregnant and it is so hard for me to handle because my dh and I have been trying for a long time with no luck. I just started my first round of chlomid, but we are not telling family because we don't want any unneeded pressure or stress!


Jill - May 22

I know what you mean, too. One of my friends was surprised with a pregnancy and didn't want it. She didn't have an abortion, but it took her forever to warm up to the idea of having a baby, then she was so mad when she found out it was a boy! I'd be happy with anything! Then, my husband's sister got pregnant (with her husband's child, mind you) and had an abortion. She said she wanted to focus on her career. It's very frustrating. We've just gone on Clomid for this cycle, so maybe it will happen. I'm just trying to not go down the "If she gets one, I want one, too" thing. I think about it, of course, ever woman with fertility issues does. I just can't let it run my life. No matter how rough it gets, you can't let it get you down so low that it consumes you, because then you're guaranteed to not get pregnant.


christina - May 22

i totally understand! i have a friend who feels she needs to have one to have one, just because she is married and said she never wanted kids, now tried once and got pregnant, though i felt aweful cause she did miscarry but only tried one month then she says she is soooo distroyed cause thgey are trying so long i am thinking she has to be kidding, you want long this year makes 8 long years of never givin up hope! i am constantly trying to talk myself outof stress of worrying the why not me's and all, but it is there.and the wating period to the next cycle is enough to make you crazy, then i feel to be let down. well thanks for letting me vent too. baby dust to a ttc and may God bless!


milissa - May 23

Suck's I Know"!!! Even My naighbors are trying to get there dog to mate with a female.....if only it was that easy :)


Christina - May 23

want to hear sad, i have this shirt i brought months ago in hopes to get pregnant just to psych myself out, i going baby crazy,lol.....and i have a friend who doesnt believe in birth control and has a child every year no joke.....and said she will til she cant anymore! i just want one!



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