pregnant with metformin
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CT - June 20

I was wondering how soon can/do you get pregnant while on metformin? I've been on since May12 I started bleeding on May 21. It's now June and I still have not seen my period. My breasts have been really tender for the past week and is getting worse. Could this mean that I might be pregnant or is there a slight chance that my period will show up.


carmelle - June 20

hey is anyone out there, because I've been wondering the same thing. I'm having breast tenderness and I see lots of veins in my upper chest and on my breasts. Is it possible that I'm pregnant. I'm trying to wait it out, because I think my period is suppose to start tomorrow. I'm also on metformin awaiting my period.


MAY - June 20

Hey ladies why not do a test??


carmelle - June 20

I'm scared to take a test in fear of see the big N. Do you think I should given my symptoms?


Drew - June 20

YES!!! Do the test cause all the wondering can sometimes be worse than the bfn. Let us know how it goes, and Good Luck!!


lilbroma - February 13

well i am a gyn in practice and u should get pregnant within 5months and if u dont u need to go on metformin and clomid



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