Pregnant or Progesterone side effects**please help**
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JessicaG. - February 22

I have been on several infertility meds, My doctor put me on Pregesterone and I am having several symptoms of pregnancy. Please if you have been on Progesterone and got pregnant what symptoms did you get that were not from the Progesterone? I think I may be prego but I do not know if it is from the meds or not. PLEASE HELP


Elyse - February 22

Are you on the suppositories, oral or cream? I was on prog suppositories after my 1st IUI 2.5 yrs ago and became pg. No side effects from the pg, though. What are you feeling?


JessicaG. - February 23

I am on the vaginal suppositories, I am feeling very sore breast, cramps particularly in the right side, I am extremly moody and also tired, but I have looked online and these are all side effects also. I am on CD 22-23 and about 12 DPO. Anything anyone's knows please let me in....THANKS*****


Tonya - February 23

hey...i'm on cd25...12 days post IUI...anyway, my test is monday...i'm on the supp. bad symptoms...just the same ones you have except bb's aren't very sore...when do you test?


JessicaG. - February 23

Tonya I test on Friday, I took a HPT last night but got a BFN, I think it may be to soon, I am hoping anyway, I will be sure to let everyone know, I have alot of symptoms but like I said it may be from the meds.....Good luck to all, Tonya we are almost on the same cycle, that is really have no symptoms? Please let me know how things go.......Good luck to all....


Tonya - February 23

Jessica, good luck to you...i will be waiting to hear your good news!!


JessicaG. - February 23

Tonya, I am going to the doc tomarrow for the blood test, I have to call him back in the afternoon to get the results, I am soooo nervious I want this to happen so bad. I do not know if what I feel is prego or just the meds but we will see I definatly will keep you posted. Please let me know as soon as you find out anything I will be praying for you...who knows maybe this is both finally our times that would be so great.....****STICKY STICKY BABY DUST TO BOTH OF US******


JessicaG. - February 23

Elyse you are saying that you had no side effects from the pregancy???? So you are saying that they were all from the meds???? Please let me know if you stumble back to this tread.


Jessica - February 24

i'll be waiting to hear your good news...


Tonya - February 24

oops!! i put your name there instead of mine, sorry.....


Tonya - February 25

Jessica, what was the result???


JessicaG. - February 26

I got a no, I was really bummed yesterday and decited to take a break but I am on CD 2 having teriible cramps and back for round 7 round 2 with the meds. I go back on Monday to discuss next months treatment, I am ready maybe that will be my month. Tonya what was your result? I hope you got it this month. I know or cycles are similar, have you started your AF yet? I will let you know something more after I go to the doc's on Monday, thanks for all the positive that you all put into me about all of this. ****BABY DUST*****


Tonya - February 26

Jessica, i'm sooo sorry....we're in the same boat....i took an HPT this morning and got BFN. i'm not sure if we're doing a month this time....keep posting and let me know what is going on with you.....Babydust.....



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