PREGNANT OR PERIOD?????? Anyone else frustrated?
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D - August 25

I get so frustrated every month when I am about to get my period and I have all these symptoms that could be because of pregnancy or my period...cramps, headaches, mood swings, increase in urination, sore boobs, and now a yeast infection! I read up on it and Y.I.'s are very commom in early pregnancy and right before menstruation. So which is it??? I am due for my period tomorrow and really hoping it does not come. We have been ttc for 7 months after having a miscarriage in January with the first pregnancy. PLEASE HELP!!!! What do you ladies think? I'll let you know if my period comes tomorrow or not. Fingers crossed!


Rita - August 25

Hi D! I also had all of the pregnancy symptoms and then my af came on the 23rd August. We were really disappointed. It was our first month ttc baby #1, well hope we have better luck next month. I hope that it will be different for you and you will not get your af. Let us know if congratulations are in order!


KellyN - August 25

Each month I come up with new symptoms to 'feel'. So it always keeps me guessing right up to where my temp goes down! :o(


D - August 25

I am due for my period today and so far it has not come. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. I have a feeling a/f will come later today or tomorrow. And so it begins...going on month 8 of trying. Good luck to you ladies out there


Laura - August 25

How unbelieveably frustrating is it-I'm the same -feeling sore boobs, stomach cramps, backache-looking for every sign it is slightly different than last month but invariably isn't!! Maybe for all of us will be this time!


kris - August 25

I know how you feel, but I got what I thought was implantation bleeding this month, earlier than expected AF, very light spotting pink and brown. It's been three weeks now, took another test this morning still negative. Also I had the symptoms for an entire month now. One more week to go before next time comes around. Except I don't think I ovulated this month. I'm not charting my temps, because I'm not actively trying. I've been off the pill for 6 months now, and still nothing. Maybe I'm just not doing something right. I think at the year point, I will have to try charting my temps, and peeing on an ovulation predictor.



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