Pregnant or not? what do you guys think?
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Amy - June 26

Hello. I have talked to others about my lil problem here, but i wanted to see what some others might think also. Well, my hubby and i had unprotected sex quite a few times from the 13th to the 18th. According to calculator, i ovulated between the 16th and 18th. I know for sure that on the 17th, my hubby came in me. I am not due to start my period until the 1st of july.(which is my birthday) I took a first response test friday morning, which i was 7 dpo. I did get a negative result, but i do not know for sure that the result was true or not. I have been experiencing some slight cramping for a couple days now. today, the cramping was more constant than before. Not painful, just a little uncomfortable. could that have been implantation cramping? Or just because i am getting a little closer to my period? one other thing i will mention that has me so confused, is that i am lactating from my left breast. my right breast has not at all. I have had a little cm today also. kinda stretchy but not much. can someone please tell me what they think? I just do not know what to think. I am 9 dpo right now. could i possibly take another test before the 1st and it show a true result? Does anyone think i could be pregnant?


Amy - June 26

I forgot to mention that the week we had unprotected sex, he done the pull out method a couple times and came in me a couple times. incase this might help a little. thank you:)


Drew - June 26

I'm not too sure about the hpt, but I did have problems with lactating when I wasn't supposed to. My prolactin levels were high, which also made it harder to conceive. See your doc about it. He can do a blood hcg, and if its neg then he can check your prolactin levels. That is easily treated with medication. Hope this helps!


Amy - June 27

So, me lactating right now could be a medical problem? See, i have a 3 year old son. he is my only child. and as far as i can remember, the only time i lactated was after i had him. until just recently, i never noticed it since then. would a doc be ok with doing a blood pregnancy test just because i am lactating? i mean, would that be reason enough? how much does a blood pregnancy test cost? we are very tight on money right now. do they do payment arrangements? i hope i am not asking too many questions at once. i am just so clueless. i want to be pregnant, but a BIG part of me is telling me that i am not. but, being that i ovulated between the 16th and 18th and had unprotected sex quite a few times that week and the 17th, what could be my chances of being pregnant?


Drew - June 27

You for sure could be pregnant, but I don't know. I'm from Canada so I don't know much about how much these things cost, but I've heard planned parenthood will do free hcg levels. As for the Prolactin, yes its a medical problem, but everyone is different. I just know when my levels were high I was leaking milk without being pregnant. Hope this helps!



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