Pregnant or conceived with Clomid & Metformin
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Dianna - January 31

I have PCOS DH checked out 100% I was put on Metformin I have been on it for almost five months.Dr just started me on clomid 2-6cd I caught AF Jan 28th started clomid Jan 29th I am on a 28 cycle never had a AF irreg just couldn't conceive due to the fact that I have high insulin resistance that's why I was put on Metformin so it can send a signal to my brain for implantation. I was wondering if any one else went through this and did you conceive I am on 850mg of Metformin 2x a day and 100mg of Clomid no side effects just mt 3rd day on Clomid and my breast are a little sore. Is that normal or should I be worried. I calculate O around the 11th of Feb so I will be BDing DH on Feb 9th-14th I hope I calculate that right.thank you Baby dust to all.


mrose - January 31

hello Dianna, I myself have not been on either of those yet. I am going to ask my doctor about it when I go see her on the 10th. I have not been diagonosed with PCOS but my cycles are very irregular and I have been told it sounds like PCOS. However, good news....a friend of mine was diagnosed with PCOS back in september, they put her on metformin for three months and then she started clomid the 5th of jan...she found out about a week ago that she is pregnant :-) so only on dose of clomid and she was very successfull. I hope this helps! Baby Dust!


Becca - February 1

I too am on clomid and metformin as well as FSH injections. The sore breasts I have found are normal with the clomid and metformin combined. I also start to get hot flashes the last day I take clomid until I ovulate. I also have really bad insulin resistance. I am not pg yet but this is the 1st time being on metformin w fertility drugs. I had taken time off TTC with the RE and my family dr had put me on metformin. I know several people who once got all of this combined got pg within a few months. I am only on cd9 so we will see.


Dianna - February 1

It seems like when you wait for something to happen it takes forever.I am trying to live a regular day and the hours seem to go slow this is my 4th day of clomid I am just going to get ready for work at least I will be busy for a while.Thanks for the advice mrose & Becca baby dust to all of us.



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