Pregnant on Ortho Evra Patch??
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Manda - March 6

Hey, I am 22 years and I am on the Ortho Evra patch. I am on the patch regular 3 weeks week off....I hate to be so detailed but...I am going to be straight up...I have a boyfriend...and we DO have sex, the only time that we had sex that I did not have the patch on...was right after my period....and he didn't do anything in me...and I dont have to do get pregnant...pre-cum can get you pregnant, but is it POSSIBLE to get pregnant right after your period?? thanks!


Kristen - March 14

My doctor said no to that. Apparently there's still so many hormones in your system that it is covered.


Julia - May 4

I have been on the patch for a while too, and we had a similar encounter. The odds of getting pregnant right after your period are slim


beautee 25 - July 13

yes it is possible. That's how I had my first child.


iamcjh1983 - August 14

you are safe to have sex through out your patch free week, so you're pretty safe.


to manda - August 16

Very possible you can get pg on your period everyones body is different but my cousin is 8 months pg because she took her patch off and got pg right after her period and asked my doctor and he said that it is possible


Tina - August 19

Most people say you can't get pregnant from pre-cum, so if the guy hasnt ejaculated in like 3 hours and has peed should I be safe?



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