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Agapita - June 22

I'm 20 years old.I have been having unprotected sex for 5 months now and in hope for a baby. Is it possible to get my period and still be pregnant? I get dizzy at times and weak, I also vomit at times or feel like it, others I crave weird stuff I never craved before. I've gained a lil weight. I'm 120 now. Am i pregnant or trying to hard to be? Am I sick instead? What do I have? Never took birthcontrol in my life.


Agapita - June 22

Please ladies, I NEED ADVICE


Heather - June 22

You could be pregnant, perhaps it wasn't your period that you got.... maybe it was implantation bleeding?? Have taken a hpt??


Drew - June 22

I agree with Heather. An hpt is a good idea. The period you thought you had...was it early and light? It's also possible for women to have a period through most of their pregnancy. If your hpt is negative see a doctor about a hcg blood test and why you are feeling unwell. Good luck!


Agapita - June 22

My period had always been irregular and I took a pregnancy test 3 months ago and it came out negative. Is that possible?


chrissy - June 22

would test again to see if the test before was wrong. Good Luck & dont give up.......Baby dust to all...


Drew - June 22

Alot can happen in three months! Test again....anything is possible!! :)



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