Pregnant again right after m/c, scared to death!!
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Chas - May 20

Hi, some of you know me, I have been on here awhile as I have been ttc for 2.5 years. We had an IUI done in april I got pg and lost it at 5 wks. Now, I am pg again even before my first af. (all natural) I am very happy but reserved. I am trying to stay positive and just take it easy. My boobs aren't sore like they were the past two times. I had some spotting at 13-14 dpo right when my period was due. I haven't made an appt yet to see the doc. I don't know if I even want to until about 8 wks. I just don't know If i want to get the beta done and all that to stress me out. Should I just wait until I can see my baby ?? on u/s. I need some encouragement here ladies !!


angelkitty - May 20

Congrats Chas!!! I am so happy for you. I can only say for me when I get preg again (got preg in Feb w/ IUI and m/c in late March) I probably will not go to the doc and stress myself out again. I think this time I will relax a little more and not stress myself out. But you have to do what is right for you and what you feel comfortable with. I wish you the best!!!


Sonyamac - May 20

Hi Chas, it's Sonya-from the IUI are you?? Wow-that was quick? Congratulations hon! That is great news! I guess you need to do whatever you feel comfortable with?? If they did check our beta and your other levels, if the progesterone or estrodial are low they can give you something..maybe that was never been a problem..
I am so happy for you! Wow-there have been lots of BFP on the iui thread the last week, 3 others plus myself...I am 6 weeks & 2 days today, we have our first U/S on Friday...I am excited to see that hb.
Keep me posted, come back to the iui thread-you know a lot of us on the there still...again I am so happy for you.
Keep me posted on what you decide.
Sonya ;)


Chas - May 21

Thanks guys. I do think I am going to wait to go to the doc and just enjoy this for awhile. I don't wanna stress. Hi Sonya! Good luck on your u/s.No, I have never had a problem with my progesterone. It has always been really high each time I was pg. I know.. this was fast and totally on a natural cycle. I am sooo shocked and happy but it's so early. I just want to go about life and maybe these first few weeks will pass fast and then I can see the little heartbeat soon. angelkitty, are you pg now, or still trying?


Chas - May 21

oh, btw... what do you guys think about my boobs NOT being sore ?? any thoughts. I just keep trying to think every pregnancy is different.


Sonyamac - May 21

Chas, when I was preggers with Tyler...they killed...that was my first sign! This time, I kept thinking that my bra was a bit snug...but they didn't hurt or get sore until the others day....also with this pregnancy..remember..I didn't think that i was pregnant because I had some clotting/bleedng..sorry TMI-then nothing..but I had that hormone headache thing and fatigue, yes, you are right each one is so very different...I have a feeling that this is it for you! Enjoy each moment. keep me posted and please come back to the iui thread and keep us posted! Hang in there! Hugs to you!
Sonya ;)


Chas - May 21

That's funny about the headache, because last night I had the worst headache I had to go to bed. I have also been tired, but nothing else. Yes, I will join you guys back on the IUI thread, let us know asap about your u/s. Good luck ! Did you do betas ??


Sonyamac - May 21

Hi Chas, yes, the first one was only 11 dpiui...I felt awful, had headaches...some back pain and I thought some pain on the right-side, so Dr. was concerned it might have been an Etopic,,told about the spotting and the clot.,.....anyway the order b/w..I wasn't expecting but I they called the next am--pregnant-115-that was only 11 days..I had the spotting & the clott at 9-10, so, It must have been implantation bleeding..this iui there was two good we wonder if there are more than one, if the clot was one that took, but then didn't implant..anyway, Dr. said go back for b/w the following day...beta-went up to all looks good and i have had the prenatal b/w already-no problems...I will keep you posted.
I just noticed that they posted a new IUI part 2-May..
But back to the headaches...yes for the first two weeks! It's just the raging hormones I guess...I also take Preg-Vit, it is a Prenatal Vit, I find it much more gentler on your body, the pill is divided into the vitamin in the am, and then the mineral part in the pm...that way there is no deplition of the vitamins or minerals..some of them conteract each the headaches maybe from the Prenatal Vitamin..before I switched brands my Dr. recommended takiing it at helped a bit...
Hang in there and again, I am so happy for has just been a roller coaster ride for you the last few months....HUGS!


angelkitty - May 21

Chas I am not currently pregnant. (Not that I know of). I am referring to when I get preg again. I have just made my mind up that I will not stress myself out again like last time. I will not. I am so happy for you always encourages me to hear about stuff like this. Good for you.!!!!!!!!!


wantanotheraftertr - May 22

Chas I am currently 10 weeks I had a m/c in March and never had another af. I was also 5 weeks when I lost my baby! I decided to enojy it and I even told people sooner than I thought I might. I would go have hcg quantitive done and it will help ease your mind. I couldn't wait i had a very faint + this time and it took longer to get then it did the last time. I was very pleased when the #'s were trippling this time. I have also now seen the h/b 2 times and the u/s makes me feel better seening the baby growing. Enjoy your pregnancy you will only carry this child once enjoy evey minute of it! Happy and healthy 9 months to you! from someone whos been there!


chele - May 22

Chas, I read the thread and realized it was you. I know this must be scary, but I believe it will all work out fine. I saw that you were going to wait to go to the doctor..... but please keep us posted on how your doing. Congrats! :0)


mother2Bsoon - May 23

Hi Chas! I am so happy for you. Congrats! Hearing your story and Wantanother's story gives me complete hope. I just had a miscarriage and got my clean bill of health on Monday from my OB. I was able to miscarry naturally and I quite thankful that I didn't experience ANY pain...PRAISE GOD. I must admit it has been the most painful mental journey I have ever taken but I realize I am must stronger. I pray that the both of you experience wonderful healthy pregnancies:-). I do have a question. I read that neither of you saw AF before getting your BFP. Did you experience normal cycles (AF came regularly, ovulated regulary, etc) or were you have abnormal cycles before you m/c? Was your m/c natural or did you have a D&C? How long after the m/c was complete did you find out your were pg?I know I am asking a lot of questions, but I really want to know. I feel it will help me through my healing process by giving me hope of a natural pregnancy. My Doc told me to wait four weeks after the miscarriage to have sex... So, I am trying to understand how did all of this happened for you guys so soon. Not that I don't believe but just looking for some hope. I appreciate your input...Many Baby Blessings!!!


Chas - May 23

Hi mother2bsoon, I understand you wanting to ask a lot of questions. It's only natural. First of all I have been ttc for 2.5 years. Last year I had a missed miscarriage @11 weeks and had to have a d&c. It took a whole year to get pg again (which was last month) and that's when I miscarried. We had done an IUI that month. My cycles were very regular. 28 days, o'd close to cd14 everytime. We had low sperm count issues. Anyway.. this m/c was basically like a late period. It only lasted three days and the bleeding was minimal. I did an opk at 14 days past the first day of my bleeding and it was pos. We bd'd that day and the next day and two weeks later I took 3 hpts and all positive !! I am just still really reserved and trying to take it easy. I don't want to get my hopes too high, but I do think this is the one! It don't seem real yet. I haven't been to the doc yet and I don't intend to until I am about 7 weeks. I think the stress of bloodwork and all really takes a toll on you and its all I ever thought about. Right now I sometimes forget I am , because I have wanted this so much!!! My advice to you is TRY when you are ready. I am sorry for your loss and thank you for the blessings. :)


mother2Bsoon - May 24

Thanks so much! That is a huge inspiration. I believe we are ready to try again. Doc said to wait two months before "trying" but that we can have sex four wks after. My cycles are highly irregular. We used clomid and on our second round got our BFP. I am believing God for His very best for us all.



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