Pregnant again after my miscarriage in Oct.2006
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Shiner081 - January 17

Hi yeh all.Well I got great news today.A little bean growing inside of me for sure.Saw the heart beat.The ultra sound is showing that I am 6 weeks 5 days,not the 7 weeks 5 days according to my last period.I obviously ovulated later than figured even though the ovulation tests showed I was ovulating around day 15/16.I actually ovulated at about day 21/22 after my last period.Go figure.This may help some of you gals who had a D&C .This happend with irregular cycles after having a miscarriage so you may not be ovulation when you figure.I pray now that this little one keeps growing and doing well.Hope this helps you all and gives you all hope.Baby Dust 2 You All*******


Anny - January 19



Michelle P - January 19

pleased to hear the good news, been looking out for your posting about u/s as I also had m/c in Oct 2006, but af has yet to return, got appt with GYN on 24th Jan to see if we can find out why.


Mega - January 19

Congrats! Shiner. I'm so happy to hear that you're pg & the bean is off to such a good start. I hope this is your sticky bean. It gives me hope as well. I had a m/c 12/06 myself. Hopefully I'll be following your footsteps soon. & hopefully Michelle will too. Good luck!


mommy2josh - January 19

Good luck Shiner. Happy and Healthy 9 months to you :)


tk07 - January 20

congrats shiner! i am in the same boat as you, i had a m/c last april and just found out today i am pregnant. so i am a couple weeks behind you! let's pray for us both to keep them and for them to be healthy!!!!!


Michelle P - January 20

MEGA-thanks. I really do hope you're right and we both get our BFP's soon. SHINER I hope you are well.TK07 congrats to you too, hope you have a happy/healthy carefree pregnancy.



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