Pregnant after PCOS
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tynadu - August 13

Hello Viv- Yes I am pregnant now in my 15th wk. I have PCOS and took fermara to help me get pregnant......I was reading something on this post about Metformin- it is an anti-diabetic drug and help with insulin levels. Some Drs think that insulin levels is some how connected to PCOS. Even if your insulin levels are in the normal rang it could still be too high for you to get the right size eggs. Femara works kind of the same way which is why it worked for me. Some people end up taking both Met. and Fermara. Until they know for sure that you are ovulating and your tubes are clear doing an IUI may not do any good.
I wish you the best. may GOD Bless!


KeiraYvette - August 14

Viv I was diagnosed with PCOS, put on metformin 3 times a day 500mg and had to change my lifestyle, keeping up regular exercise and a low GI diet. It took me under a year to conceive. I stayed on the metformin but only 500mg a day for the first 12 weeks, and Im now safely at 15 weeks... I use to spend hours on here reading about ppl's sucess stories and for support and it helped and Ive made it there! Best of luck xoxo


jem24 - April 8

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, i tried to get pregnant for over 2 years with my ex. I wasnt having periods for over a year. However i managed to get pregantn without knowing at lost it around 5 weeks. I am now happy to say that after 3 months of trying with my new partner i am 8 weeks pregnant. I think it may have something to do with sum weight lose.
Doctors did advise me that weight lose may help :) Good luck to you all


jonsey - April 8

Hi VIV. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago, and just went to my doctor yesterday to have inform me to see a reproductive endocrinologist. I amon metformin so all hope is not lost. For the first time i was devestated becuase my insurance doesnt cover this, i feel so depesperate to have a baby. i know all things are possible so we can stay positive together. I know plenty of mothers that have PCOS and they have children, so I know we will have ours soon. Keep the faith and feel free to e-mail me if you just need to vent! I've been there! ([email protected])


RLR - April 9

Hi Ladies- I'm 31, have PCOS and took Femara to o. I had a tubal in Nov and this was our 1st mo TTC again. My DH loves to claim he has "super sperm" bc it actually worked again! I got a BFP at 7dpo and it keeps getting darker! These two times are the only times I've o'd (that I know of) and both times I've gotten BFP's so- it can happen! Praying for a sticky baby this time... Dust to you all!


x3silentxtears3x - April 19

Viv, I am 20 yrs old and I was diagnosed with PCOS in July 2007 "after" having 2 children already. It IS possible to get pregnant naturally, because I did. My almost 4 yr old was concieved on birth control with antibiotics lol and my almost 2 yr old was concieved after 13 months of trying. So dont give up hope! *~*Baby Dust*~* We have been ttc #3 for almost 10 months and planning to get Clomid in July if we aren't pregnant by that time. Goodluck to you


reena.g - January 21

im 18 and have been diagnosed with pcos.i dont have any periods at all and feel depressed because i feel i cant get pregnant when im GP doesnt want to perscribe me anything because shes thinks i will grow out of it but other people have told me different.ive researched on different medicines to take like metformin and clomid but GP wont perscribe me them.i have been advised to take angus cactus to correct my hormone levels just wondering if it will actually work?? can someone please let me know if it has worked for them x


Jen30 - January 22

Hi... I'm a bit confused with some of my symptoms and wondering if anyone else who got pregnant or are on clomid had the same...I'm unsure whether the symptoms are down to the clomid or are pregnancy symptoms. I am currently somewhere between 4-6dpo and I have been feeling really exhausted, sore bbs...enlarged bbs with visible vains... my cm is REALLY thick and white and I have never noted it to be thick like's kinda like cottage cheese (tmi lol) but not lumpy...just in thickness... doesn't smell or irritate so its not an infection. I had period type cramps mildly on Mon eve which was either 1dpo or 3dpo... this subsided in a couple of days but my uterus feels kinda heavy and throbbing since Monday.. it was also tender to press sat/sun/mon but is ok now but still just kinda heavy feeling and pulsating. I've also had nosebleeds tues eve/wed morning and been wuite stuffy nasally.. it seems Im having every symptom going lol but I dont knwo whether its just the clomid. I took i100mg cd 1-5 and ovulated somewhere between cd 12-14 My bbs never hurt even when af is due... it was like the core of my bbs at first but today its my nipples too...becoming really painful and my bbs just feel full and Im sure I've gained almost a cup size lol....any info would be much appreciated :)


Jen30 - January 22

I also got preg naturally with pcos...a long time ago but I found eating healthier helped a lot!! I had done a lot of dieting in my teens and had also been trying for about 2 years... I was very underweight and I gained about 15lbs and got pregnant pretty quick... my second pregnancy I was on birth control for 3 months and got pregnant 2nd month after stopping there is hope :)


Tracey422 - January 22

Hey sweetie I know exactly how you feel, I too have PCOS. I was diagnosed in November of 2007 and soon after me and my husband didn't let it get us down so we tried having a baby. Of course there were bumps in the road and a lot of changes that had to be made and well happy to say its now January 2009 and I'm 3 months ie (15 weeks) pregnant :)
The best advice I can give you is 1) hang in there and 2) Make sure your on the right medications. You'll be just fine!



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