Pregnant after miscarriage on Oct 6/06
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Shiner081 - January 14

Hi,just updating you all.I am now 7 weeks one day pregnant.I am having no preg. symptoms for except what I figure is morning sickness.I will be going in for a ultra sound on Wed. the 17th and hoping for great news.I cannot seem to get myself excited yet intil I see my baby hearts beating.Does anyone know if it is unusual not to have tender breast yet.Every unusual pain or cramp scares me.I know my time is approaching to when I first started to miscarry.My morning sickness is more like I have to bring up but not to the point of making a trip to the toilet,just naucious I guess for the last week or so.Anyway I will let you all know how I make out on of luck to you all trying to get pregnant.I need your prays with me as mine are with you's.


Lucky717 - January 14

Best of luck Shiner with your ultrasound. I wish I could give you some insight but I can't even get a positive hpt. Let us know how things turn out.


Michelle P - January 14

I also miscarried in Oct 2006, at about 8-10 weeks. I am really pleased for you good luck for your scan I shall be thinking of you and looking out for your



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