Pregnant after laparoscopy?
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janice - June 7

Hello I had a lapo surgery 3 weeks ago, had my right ovary removed due to endo and a cyst. I'm all set to start TTC per doc. My question is how long after a lapo do most women conceive? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have been TTC for 4 years now so I'm really anxious...


Jess - June 8

I hope this helps--- I'm not sure this will answer your question but, thought I would let you know what what is going on with my 2 1/2 years of ttc.I know you've been waiting on a reply for awhile. Anyway, I had a lap done 10/04 due to a massive cyst on my R. ovary--they also found a bit of endo.My doctor told me everything looked good after removing the cyst and she didn't have to take the ovary (I had begged her not to). She if I wasn't pg in 3 months post-op she would give me some Clomid to induce ovulation. Well, three months went by and I wasn't pg so I had a sono done before starting Clomid and lo-and-behold their was a cyst on my L.ovary.Needless to say --no Clomid. I've refused a 2nd lap--trying to avoid more scar tissue. I don't want to discourage you --I was on depo for 4 years--been off for 2 1/2 now so, I believe that is a big part of the problem. Playing the waiting game now. Keep your chin up. ****Baby Dust****


Dreama - June 8

I am also playing the waiting game. I had a Laparoscopy Nov 24, 2004 and my RE told me that I have a good chance. Well no baby yet. But hubby and I have been trying lately more than usual so it may help to have more intercourse and not 2-3 times a week. :o He also told me that if no pregnancy in 6-12 months to come back to discuss other or to have another Lap. Dunno what to do but I have hope.


C. - June 8

My friend had a laparoscopy (her 2nd) for sever endo. She got pregnant on the third month of trying - ironically this was the month that she didn't really pay attention to when they had to have sex. Perhaps the stress of trying to get pregnant wasn't helping her.



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