Pregnant after lap/endo/cont. bcp?
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Melissa - December 15

Ladies, DH & I have been ttc for 2 1/2 years. This past fall an HSG showed blocked tubes & my LAP dx me with Stage IV endo & elevated CA-125 (ovarian tumor marker). I have been being treated by a gyno/oncologist for the endo with continous bcp---which by the way endo caused the CA-125 to be too high. Yesterday, I had another appt with him & found out my ultrasound was great & CA125 down to 7!! (normal under 35) He was thrilled with the results & I was too.
He still wants me to finish 3 more months of the pill for a total of 6 mos. Even though we'd like to start trying now, I'm fine with waiting a little longer, because I know the treatment is working.

My question is have any of you been through anything similar & ended up pregnant? I am feeling very hopeful now....but want the next 3 months to FLY BY! Don't you all just wish we could forsee the future---I just want to know if all this treatment is going to work next spring & am driving myself crazy!


bj - December 15

Hi Melissa. I too have been diagnosed with stage IV endo. I am now on the Lupron shots for 6 months. I go in today for my 3rd one. Halfway there!!! I also wonder if going through all this is the right thing, because I want to try now to. My husband and I have been trying for 3 years. I had a friend who went through this same thing, with the Lupron, and she got pregnant just a few months after. I know what you mean about "driving myself crazy!" BUT, it will be worth it in the end. Good luck and I will be praying for you.


Melissa - December 17

BJ-I don't know much about Lupron, but it seems like a lot of women are treated with it for endo. I wonder what the difference is between it & the continuous bcp that I'm on. It sounds like we're at the same point in our treatment. I hope we both have luck this spring!


jg - December 19

Yep - know exactly how you feel. I had an op and was diagnosed with Stage IV endo, partially blocked tubes cycts etc. We tried for a while after it was treated to fall pregnant naturally to no avail. We then were told with my endo which kept recurring, our only hope was ivf. We tried five times. Again to no avail. FInally i had another operation to clear the endo, was given a shot of something starting with z, can't remember what it was, then a month later Lupron. Lupron was horrible. I was like a middle-aged woman. Emotional, hot flushes, night sweats and just about every other menopausal symptom you can think of. I even had to get HRT patches to help me through those initial months of extreme discomfort. Eight months later I took Provera and something else starting with P (I'm hopeless at remembering medication names after everything I have had to take), and it started a period. I took clomid, and WOO HOO got pregnant straight away. My very first period after the Lupron treatment. We were thrilled, in disbelief, amazed, shocked, in more disbelief....etc. And now we have a happy healthy gorgeous little man who is six months old and teething with a vengeance. So there you go, all that pain, tears, discomfort, tears, operations, tears.....for me all resulted in a little bundle of joy. Take heart!!


bj - December 19

thanks, jg - it's always good to hear happy stories in the end of it all. I hope you have a great "first Christmas" with your son.
Melissa - Have a good Christmas if I don't talk to you before. Hang in there with everything. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!


Melissa - December 21

Thanks ladies for the encouraging words! I am feeling very hopeful & ready to enjoy the holidays with my family & be thankful for what I DO have. Merry Christmas!



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