Pregnant after Birth Control
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Cutie - March 10

Hi Everyone,
My doctor put me on the birth control for three month to stop my long irregular bleeding, and to regulate my cycle, and if I still have a little cyst to help with that. I am just freaking out right now, because I really want to get pregnant ASAP as soon as my menses get in order and my doctor makes sure my Womans health is in the great shape. Why am I freaking out? I have never taken birth control, because I do want to get preggo and my question is: Will I have a problem concieving after birth control? How long did it take you guys? When will I start having my regular periods? Anyone in the same situation. Baby dust to all. Thanks, Cutie


Cutie - March 10

People, please answer


pumpkin pie - March 10

Hi cutie, I'm new here but this is my experience... I came off the pill Jan 05 after being on it for 2 years and hubby and I are trying to conceive. Nothing has happened yet but my last cycle was 32 days long and this month I'm on day 36 and still waiting (not preg as just done a test and its neg). I've heard that if periods were irregular before going on the pill they will prob revert back to that after coming off it. Mine used to vary from 30-35 days from what i remember but that doesn't mean i'm infertile. It makes u feel like that sometimes coz everywhere says 28 days in normal. Whats normal for one person isn't normal for another, its only if they're really irregular that u might need medical advice. What is your pattern like? Periods can be irregular for a few months after coming off the pill, while your hormones try to regulate themselves. I've also been stressing out about getting preg as i want to so bad...but u know what, I've realised that it does u no good atall as stressing about it can have an negative effect on your health and effect your period cycles. I'm gonna try not worrying about it now and just make love with hubby as much as poss and see what happens, i'm praying about it too and believing that God will bless us with a baby when the time is right. Try and be patient, i know its hard. Good luck and let me know how you get on


Beth - March 23

I was on the pill for 10 years (since I was 18) for terrible cramping and irregularity. I got off the pill in January and was pregnant within 10 days. Unfortunately, I miscarried... but here's teh good news... when I went to my Dr. he said it is a HUGE misconception that it will take a long time to get pregnant after coming off the pill. He did suggest you let your body go through one cycle on it's own before you body did not ovulate on it's own...was a "false ovulation" which he claims led to the miscarriage??!! Hope that gives you some hope... good luck. Keep the faith- it will happen in due tim!


alli - March 24

I was on diane 35, which from my understanding it was quite a "strong" birth control, i was on it for over 5years, I stopped taking it and fell pregnant within 2 months, but unfortunately m/c after 12 weeks. so it's a good idea to take this time to start a regime of eating well and taking folic acid and i'm no expert but the "pill" may still stay in your system up to 3 months, so they say?? I'm ttc as well so good luck


Jess - March 24

I was on Jasmine for 2 years, had one cycle when I got off and unfortunalty I miscarriaed at 10 weeks, baby stopped growing at 7.5. Currently waiting for my period to return and try again.


stephanie - March 24

i took birth control pills and the shot and ever since the doc i had gave me my first shot and dint give me a preg test before hand and i was preg i haven't been able to have a baby so be careful with that hun it is not the best thing to do cuz it can also mess up ur period...


brian - May 2

hey everyone, i had withdrawal sex with my girlfriend about 5 days ago. She has recently come of the pill after being on it for 5 months. Now what i want to know is how long is the pill in your system, because im stressing i dont want a baby yet at 21 years of age. Some one please answer this asap. Please


Still trying - June 20

I was on the Ortho Evra pill for about four years(since I was 15) but I stopped taking birth control all together in December 04'. Ever since I got off of the pill I have been trying to conceive but I have had no results so far. I was told by my OB that the pill can stay in your system for up to three months which makes it extremely hard for someone trying to get pregnant to actually get pregnant.


Nicola - June 20

Hi Cutie, I was on bc pill for 8 years and concieved 4 months after coming off it. It is a misconception that being on bc makes it difficult to concieve, just remember that everyone is different. Good luck


S - June 20

Hey, I just wanted to say that I was on the pills for about 4 months. I stopped taking them and i got my period as scheduled but i never got it after that and soon I found out I was pregnant. I am due June 25th. I don't think these pills are bad because I was able to get pregnant right away and thank god I havn't had any complications throughout. Good luck to you all!


Chicks - June 20

Hi Cutie! Trust me, we are in the same boat I think! I am also freaking out a little.. I was on BCP's for 11 years. Came off them in Oct of last year and still have had no sucess. Doctor put me back on them in April/05 for two months to try and give me a period and to also get rid of a 6cm cyst on my ovary. My periods were never "regular" so to speak, I originally got put on BCP's because I bled for 8 months straight! I guess what I'm saying is that it all depends on how regular you were before. They told me that after coming off the pill, you should wait for one cycle and then try to conceive. So, I did that, but after the one period when I came off the pill, I didn't have another one until May of this year. No period for 7 months on my own! Before, I had it so that it was lasting TOO long, now that I want to conceive, I'm not getting one at all. The pill does different things to different people. Try to keep a calmness about you and try to just be with your mate without thinking about what you're wanting the outcome to be. If you're having any irregularities, then definately go and get it checked. It never hurts. I know this does not really help you but I just wanted to let you know my story because I feel that we sort of are in the same situation. Just do me this favour, if you don't think that something is right and you want to get tested for things for your own piece of mind, just ask for it.. Don't listen to your doctor when they tell you to WAIT. That's all they know how to say! If you know something's not right with your own body, then push the issue. If I had have done that before, I wouldn't be in this situation now! I wish everyone the best of luck in TTC! Maybe we'll all have good news soon..


Anna - June 20

Yes! pregnancy happens very quick after birth controls. I concieved not even a month after i went off to my son who was a healthy 9lbs. 2oz. Always remember though its good to start your prenatals ASAP. Unfortunately now trying to concieve baby #2 seems almost impossible its always good to keep the faith and try not to worry or stress about it because stress really does intere ALOT with trying to concieve. To all who is trying to concieve keep the faith.


Chasatie - July 25

I quit taking my birth control in December of 2002 and I ended up pregnant in January of 2003...At the same time I was taking multivitamins!!!! I have a beautiful healthy little boy now....



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