Pregnant after a laparoscopy, anyone
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christine - October 31

i have a lap in mid nov , i have blocked tubes , has anyone had success after a lap for blocked tubes, i would love to hear from you, i am about to give up, i have been ttc for three years I see a RE in nov after the lap


kc - October 31

Chrisine- Hi I am scheduled for one on Nov. 10th. I had one done 6 years ago and conceived my daughter 6 months after the surgery. We tried 2 years with no luck. I had endo. which surrounded my tubes and ovaries. I am hoping that it works the second time around also. Currently we have been ttc for 18 months with a mc in April. Good luck. I definately recomend the procedure. The recovery is not too bad. Getting the anastesia out of your system is the worst part. You will also have pain in your shoulders from the gas they use to blow up your stomach. Lots of luck.


Patty - October 31

I had IVF the month after my lap and hysteroscopies and got pregnant on the first try. I wish you the same blessing.


Christine - November 1

Thank you ladies, let start a thread,for all the laps coming up soon. Hope we will have BFP to follow. baby dust


melissa - November 2

I had one four years ago. My husband and I have been trying to have a child for a year now, but no sucess yet. I am still praying


sandra - November 2

hi ladies, i had an ectopic pregnancy which was removed by laparoscopy. my right ovary and tube removed. I have had two boys since then and I am desperate for a third child but nothing happening at all. irregular AF and i seem to have stopped ovulating. i have started taking Vitex to see if that will kickstart my hormones back to normal. So there is hope for us all. babydust.


kc - November 3

christine, laps thread sounds like an idea. It sounds like yours is to be done around the sametime as mine. I go tomorrow for bloodwork to confirm the BFN and test my thyroid hormone. Let me know how things are going for you. Where are you in your cycle? I'm on CD 3


christine - November 3

hi kc, mine is on the 14th a few days after yours, thats great!!!! good luck to you, baby dust, what is cd 3, my blood work is on Monday Nov 7th, at 3pm, pls make sure you give me all the details after the lap, i will keep you posted too, i have a daughter 7 in jan, i have been ttc for three years, lets hope we will be succesful in getting a sibling for our dd's will keep in touch, i removed fibroids in Feb, now they are saying tubes are blocked, will see what happens, baby dust to you.


Kristen - November 4

I had a lap on the 1st and I am still hurting. My belly is black and blue. It wasn't too bad. They found some cysts on my ovaries and said the since my ovaries were so shiny that means that I have PCOS. I kinda already knew that. I didn't know you could tell by shiny ovaries though. Kinda weird. I had to miss a week of work but will be back next week. Good luck to those that are having it soon. My brother did the anesthesia so it was comforting knowing he was in the OR with me. Anyway. If you have any Q's feel free to ask.


kc - November 4

Wow - Kristen A whole week off from work. I was only planning on missing Thursday (the day of) and Friday. I had the procedure done on a Friday 6 years ago and was back to work on Monday. I was hoping it would be the same this time around. They must have changed the procedure. Either way I will be back to work on Monday. There is no way I can take any more than that. I work 4 part time jobs and adjusting my schedule to have 2 days off is hard enough.
Christine - cd 3 stands for cycle day 3, which now I am on cd 4. I had my blood drawn yesterday and am still waiting for the results. They tested for pg (obvious bfn) and my thyroid. It looks like we have similar schedules. I just hope the surgery doesn't mess up my cycles. Good luck to all.


christine - November 5

i gave blood work on monday, i see a RE on Nov 19th, i am hoping for good results. baby dust to all ++++++


Becky - November 5

I got PG 1 month after my Lap surgery. I didn't have blocked tubes but had scur tisue.. Hope that helps a little


Christine - November 8

Had my bloodwork today ladies, next monday is the big day, baby dust to you all++++ will post as soon as i get home.


kc - November 8

Well Ladies- my doc moved my appt to Tomorrow. I'll let everyone know how things went.


Elena - November 8

This question is to Becky did you get pregnant one month after the surgery on your own or with clomid? If so what was your dosage on the clomid? Just wondering because I start clomid this Friday or Saturday depending on what day I start my period. I had laparoscopy surgery on 9-20-05 for scar tissue around my tubes. Hope to hear from you soon!!


christine - November 11

Good luck kc, we look forward to your update asap. baby dust+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


kc - November 11

Well, everything went well, however, there were no problems. No blocked tubes, and very little endo, which was not causing any problems with fertility. So I guess it's back to the drawing board. I was very sore Yesterday but this morning I'm feeling a little better. Still having pain in my shoulder from the gas and dull pain in my abdomin which is expected. Well good luck to all.



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