pregnant / flu i need help please.
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tonyaandjoe - December 13

i have a ? has anyone experienced any symptoms of having the flu and being pregnant? i have had a temp for 2 days and have been aching all over my body and feel weak .i had been dizzy and light headed and have had a little nausea. can anyone help me with this.i had took a test last night and it was - and i took a test early this morning and it was - could it still be too early. i need help.


KBinParis - December 14

Hi Tonya, a temperature could signal that you are pregnant and your body's defenses are down and that's why you have picked up the flu bug. But it could also be any number of other things. How many days has it been since your insemination/embryo transfer/blastocyst transfer? Please go straight to a doctor and have yourself checked! That is a priority if you continue to feel ill. My sister-il-law had a bad case of the flu when she was pregnant and she lost the baby. I don't want to scare you but it really is in your best interests and that of your embryo that you go see a doctore. Best of luck honey! KB


tonyaandjoe - December 14

i had a tr and am trying to get pregnant. but i took a test this morning it had a really, really faint negative.



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