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hapistuff - November 14

Oww – All day I have been having cramping sensations and it’s is only 3 days after ovulation and my nipple feel tingly. Can this possible be an early pregnancy sign? Has anyone else experienced it this early and been pregnant?


wantbaby - November 14

Hi! I got pregnant on my last cycle. I've had twingy sensations right after my IUI to 12dpo. On 12dpo I had a big cramp and then it stopped completely. My breasts started to hurt only after I missed the period due to the increase in hormones. Till then, I didn't feel anything. Even before I tested positive, food had become such a priority that I had to eat. I started to crave for certain foods and that was really strange.


hapistuff - November 15

Dear Wantbaby, Thanks for your response. Happy Pregnancy to you!


DCL - November 15

Thanks Wantabay,

I am expecting AF any day and feeling like AF cramps. It is driving me crazy as I have been going to the bathroom like crazy the last few days. Not sure if this is my mind playing tricks on me. I may test tomorrow morning if my AF doesn't arrive. I keep on saying I'll wait until the end of the week but I don't think I can. I don't feel much of anything but maybe like you said it doesn't kick in until after a missed AF. I really hope that is the case!!!



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