pregnancy with hypothyroid
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kim - March 30

Does anyone know how my doc can tell if I have hypothyorid. I suspect I may because my BBT is always below 97 degrees except after I ovulate. I just finished my first cycle of clomid I don't know if it worked. But I wanted to know if anyone has gotton pregnant after they treated hypothyroid because it can cause infertilty.


Kelly - March 30

A blood test will show up thyroid problems. You should be able to get preg. after once diagnosed and treated.


Ann-Marie - March 30

I have been diagnosed since the age of 12 with Hypothyroidism. You will need to get your TSH level checked (blookd Test) and your doctor can put you on thyroid medication to regulate your thyroid. Stick with reg brands, not generic as the dose tends to fluctuate slightly on the generic. I had nn trouble getting preganat the first time, but you will want to have it monitored closely throughout your pregnancy as well as afterward.


May - March 30

I have a three year old and have been trying for over a year to get preggo with second. They finally did a lot of blood work and TSH levels were low which means I am hyperthyroid. I am taking PTU. Have been for about 6 months but still no baby! Very frustrating. But, yes, any thyroid problem really affects fertility. Get it checked and fixed soon. I also just started taking some herbal pill called Ovulex. Anyone heard of it and have any stories???? Baby dust to all!!!


Kristin - April 5

Only a blood test will be able to diagnose Hypothyroidism. Untreated hypothyroidism is a cause for infertility. If it is treated and corrected, you will have no trouble getting pregnant.


Lauren - April 12

The doctor should be able to tell by a simple blood test. My best friend tried to get pregnant unsuccessfully for 1 year before she was diagnosed hypothyroid. She started on a drug called Synthroid and became pregnant the same month she started taking the medicine.


Natt - April 18

Your doctor can easily tell whether or not you are hypothyroid by testing your thyroid hormone levels via a blood test.
I was born with congenital hypothyroidism (without a thyroid) and my son is now 5 months old so yes you definately can get pregnant with this condition.


Laura - June 21

I was diagnosed last year with Hypothyroid. We started trying about six months ago. My Russian doctor took me off synthroid and placed me on Armour two months ago. It was EXCELLENT! I feel 100% better and started having regular menses. My cyle is perfect. We just started trying, but already I feel better about my chances of getting pregnant.



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