pregnancy testing
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angie - October 6

When is the earliest time you can test for pregnancy? Does implantation have to occur for a positive result?


patty - October 6

some people do not get a bfp until a missed af---and sometimes even 20 days after missed af !


hi - October 6

yes only after implantation can a positive pregnancy test be seen.some test 10dpo -after af like patty said.depends on the person


Michelle - October 6

You do have to implant before you can get a BFP you won't produce a dectactable HCG amount until apx. 3dys after implantation which can occur any where between 6-12 dys post O some people say wait till U miss AF, but the last time I took 1 I got a faint positive at 6 dys post O, but sadley it ended by m/c!Good Luck Hope you get a BFP!!!!!!!



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