Pregnancy Test Addict
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sherry - November 13

iam not wasting money, i bought about 1,000 test strips in bulk. who cares if i waste a few, lol


me - November 13

Telling is that is like telling someone to stop buying crack. WE NEED IT!! :) The tests, not the crack...


Allie - November 15

I laughed at your post title, and I admit I am one too. I was actually thinking of testing myself again and I HAVE MY PERIOD.....but thought....wellllll, maybe it isn't actually my period (but implantation). ttc can literally make you crazy!! Good luck to everyone ttc!!!


beth - November 15 feels good to laugh at these posts..after all the trying and disappointment. I had some light spotting the other day 6 dpo..hoping implantation as well...I of course raced upstairs and immediately tested.
it was negative...I have the itchy fingers to test again....good luck all! =)


ahava uk - November 15

yes me and my hubby laughed at your title..cos THATS MEEEEEE!!!!!


Mega - November 15

Allie, I almost did the same thing last week. I came very close to testing when I had AF. I ALMOST deluded myself into thinking I was pg even though I had no real reason to think that. Serious denial! I'm glad I'm not the only one with that "crazy" thought. LOL! Good luck Beth. Keep us posted. I hope that was implantation bleeding you saw. Good luck resting that "itchy" testing finger for another week or so. :)


MONICALIA - November 15

xokimxo, I'm so sorry for your BFN. Here’s to this next cycle!!


MONICALIA - November 15

Hey ladies! This thread makes me lmao & I needed a cheer-me-up so I had to check back… This is great! Char – I hear you 200% about the pregnancy test disappointment! Seriously – as it always happens, AF may be just ½ a day late & I’m fighting the urge!! So I’ll try to wait it out a few days because I know that when I do test – AF shows up… It’s a sure fire guarantee – I use a HPT & that B!%[email protected]# AFshows up! Damn it!! It’s like she waits for the test to welcome her visit…. Ah but as Allie said – your mind can play tricks on you while TTC – seriously ladies, I think we reach a state of mild psychosis while TTC. We “swear” to be PG! Our desire to get PG warps our minds into hypersensitive analyzing of our bodies! Lol – In all my life – never have I paid so much attention to my nipple sensitivity / vaginal discharge / abdominal discomforts…. Damnit –it’s implantation cramps not gas I tell you!!!! Ah – I wish… I’, spraying us all down with BABY DUST & super glue & 2 LINED DIP STICK wishes! Cheers, Moncia


I can spell my name - I swear! - November 15

Lol - Monica.... Pardon me - I'm dashing out of the office..... Going to try & not think about TTC tonight (if that’s possible- this website doesn’t help any!) Since the HPT brought AF & in so brought Tampax into the picture…. Perhaps I’ll have them to dinner tonight – light some candles – drink wine like it’s going out of style – throw a party– play some loud music - possibly hit the club – stay out all night - whatever?! You know relish in the advantages of this non-pg life that AF keeps trying to make for me!! Lol-as you know, I’m just kidding…Gosh – who would have thought 15 months of this non-stop disappointment when it’s many girls who live exactly like I just posted above & then just one day realize “woah, my period hasn’t showed up in a while now? Hmm, better test – oh, oh no - what do you know I’m PG…. What’s the catch?! Lol -take care ladies & god bless!!


**curious** - November 23

hey xohkimxo..
i dont think that u are a pregnancy test addict, because i have caught myself doing the same thing from a time to time basis..and the recent one i took also showed up a second line but it was really really i dont know..but i just wanted to tell u that i dont think u are a addict!!! good luck!


jcr - November 23

Hello Ladies I have been out of town on vacation and just saw this post I am laughing out loud right now. Yes EVEN on vacation I took 3 pg tests!!!! My last period was Oct 6th and nothing. Of course I keep telling myself the boobs are sore and feeling tired blahblahblah.... Fact is 5 tests BFN! How many more wll I do??? How can I stop??? My temps are all over the map, I am probably 20 days dpo and I don't know what it is going to take to stop me from peeing on the last stick. Yesterday I peed in a cup, I did an opk AND a pg test. Any hope for me????? Help. Hopefully some turkey will at least get me through the next couple days! LOL, good luck to us all.


xokimxo - January 17

Hey ladies... i posted a while ago and its funny to see that it kept going for a while. I decided to take a break and stop trying for few months after that last time around. I found out i was NOT pregnant and almost lost my mind. However, i am back to my old tricks. I am on day 19, and already took a test even though i know its not going to positive yet anyways. Thanks for listening... my name is xoKimxo and i am a pregnancy test addict.


einfanti - January 17

We could form a group called PTA Anonymous. They are making a lot of money on suckers like us!


Misty - January 18

I too am a hpt addict. I think we should buy stock -lol.


sherry - January 18

good idea misty, it would soar!!


j9653 - January 18

I am a test- a- holic to I test pregnancy and ovulation. I told myself not this time at the store and I couldnt hold back .had to get it for next week no self control LOL



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