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luve - February 6

I took a test today..and it was positive..BUT..i also had a HCG shot like 14 days ago AND I am lightly spotting today, which is the day I am suppose to be starting my cycle. The Dr. said to do blood work on Friday. and that the HCG shot can be in my system still....any help.............


ROBYN - February 6

The Trigger shot last s up to 14 days it will give a false positive. Anything after day 14 that comes up positive i would go with a positive pregnancy and then get it confirmed with a beta blood. Good luck to you.


Ann1 - February 6

I have tested daily to watch the hcg leave my system. I have gotten a bfn on 9dpo, but it varies person to person. 14dpo is the very end of when it should be out. Also, on the cycle where I got my bfp, I spotted pretty heavily on the day af was due. Good luck!


cspears99 - February 6

Good luck I did a test everyday after my shot and it only stayed in my system, positive, for 5 days??? so you never know, best wishes!!!


luve - February 7

Robyn & Ann1. thank you so much for your answers..i have to wait till Friday to get my blood test done....i just hope and pray it is positive..i have waited almost 3 years to get pregnant..


luve - February 7

sorry..cspears99 i wante to thank you too!


luve - February 8

hey all...i just couldnt wait so i did another pregnancy test...and it was positive again...i hope it wasnt the meds talking again...! i get my blood work done tomorrow.....will follow up with you all


Mega - February 8

Luve--At 15DP trigger shot I'd definitely say the shot is out of your system & this BFP is for real. Congrats! How exciting! Good luck tomorrow on your beta b/w. Post the results when you get them.


ROBYN - February 8

luve - you are more than like pregnant if its more than 14 days your preggo girl !! Congrats... keep us posted. I am currently 12 weeks pg sucessful on my 1st IVF cycle so i know the hardship of TTC. Good luck to you.


babybaby - February 9

Hey luve, the same thing happened to me. I got a very faint positive 12 days after the ovidrel shot. I kinda knew that it wasn't the shot because I was testing everyday to see when it would leave my body and after 8 days I did not get any more positives on the pg test. I tested again on 13dpovidrel and got another positive so I took a blood test on the same day and it confirmed my pregnancy. I am now 4 weeks and 4 days after ttc for 18 months. Good luck I hope you get a bfp!!!!!!!!! Congrats in advance!


luve - February 10

hey all..I got my results back. I am PrEgNaNt. Finally..after all that trying and shots and going to the Dr. Good luck to everyone. I will keep you all posted.


ROBYN - February 10

OMG how wonderful. Congrats keep us posted.


tanner789 - February 11

luve- congrats-how long had you been ttc? i am doing injections too-how many monthes did you have to go through that vicious cycle? i am awaiting to start my second month next month had to sit out first month b/c too aggresive of results, and sit out this month b/c follies were still to big to inject more meds-let me know-best of luck


luve - February 11

tanner789..I had been on the shots only for 1month. last year June I had misscarriage after I had FINALLY gotten pregnant after using 5 mnths of I waited till Jan 2007 to start shots. And it worked the first time. so hopefully all goes well..and Good Luck to you will be a new mommy soon..i know it !


tanner789 - February 13

thanks luve did you use just shots only or combo clomid and shots? i am on the combo one, they were too afraid of five or more babies thats why they cancelled me, i had 20 mature follies, do you rmemeber how many mature follies you had? how are you feeling since finding out-hope all is well


luve - February 13

tanner789...I was not on the combo. The dr. said that would be too much for me to handle.I was only on Follistim shots. I had 3 follicles. and i thought that wasnt enuf to get pregnant. but they say just 1 can do it. ! Now i just have to see if i am having 1,2,3 babies...but i wont know till 2nd trimester almost. but i do wish you luck. these shots seem to do the trick! babydust!


tanner789 - February 14

luve-thats funny that your dr told you the combo would be too much for you, b/c mine wont let me do shots alone b/c she said it would produce much stronger results than the combo did. you produced the perfect amount of follies you lucky girl, but dr wont let me try with anything over5 follies. what age are you if you dont mind me asking, and how many days were you on the shots? i can only hope next month i'm given the go ahead and i have great results like you-take care of yourself and baby-p.s what was your med called-mine was gonal f with ovidrel shot



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