Pregnancy symptoms yet always a negative
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Melissa - April 4

I am sick of feeling my boobs and them feeling sore, Then have different cramps and thinking it might be a baby, cravingings, sleepey, and weight gain, and thinking ' it has to be this month, there is no other explanation for this these are signs of pregnancy' Then wasting the money of home preg test, telling my husband that we have to have sex now and laying with my legs up for 30 min, Then my period is not exact every month (24-28 days) but getting to that 25 or 26th day and you can't take it so you go buy a preg test rush home and take it and there is only one line, then you think it could be to early the test is wrong. You wake up two days later and you start your period. I can't take this month too month wait. I really want a baby but I would be happy to know what month I would get pregnant in and I would be ok so there would not be that 'What if this month, when would my due date be? What type of cloths should I start buying?'
SORRY I just had to vent, I hope everyone the best of luck.


Jenni - April 5

Know how you feel, I had a preg test last friday = neg. I am feeling the same things as my 1st, sick when moving around, lower back pain, craving anything that pops into my head and mood swings.
Do you wait till your period is over due or ease your mind now and take the test? I know if I take it and its neg I will feel sadness but what if it isn't? What if it was pos? I start to plan things then need to tell my self it hasn't happend yet. :-) I lay there after sex wondering if I will have a boy or girl this time. How strange that our brains do this to us.
I have a new tactic now, have sex every second night if we aren't to tired and do what ever my brain wants. If it thinks I should take a test I will. I will not get my hopes up but explain to my self possible out comes and how to deal with them.
All I can say is buy any clothes you think you will need, stuff the waiting game, make your self happy, keep your self happy :-) Give in to your cravings, have a good sleep when YOU want and go for a walk to help with the weight gain. If your not preg at least you will feel happy, in touch with yourself and fresh air never hurt the soul. And most of all vent all you want, thats your right as a woman trying to get pregnant.
Good luck sweetie.


Kim - April 5

I feel the exact same wayMelissa. Wow! I thought I was the only one. It is amazing how our thought pattern is the exact same. I am curently in the waiting game. I just finished my first month of clomid and blood work showed that I did ovulate. I waiting to see is AF arrives. But I have to constintly remind myself that I do not have a BFP yet. Thanks for sharing. I don'd feel so bad now. Baby Dust ****


May - April 5

I swear it is like you are all saying exactly what I feel every month. I always think I am nauseous and tired and pregnant. Then I will start having cramp a day or two before I start and it just upsets me so badly. My poor husband must think that I am crazy. I am also in the two week waiting period, and it's like I can't even imagine actually finally being pregnant. I have spent more money on OPK and pregnancy test!!! BABY DUST BABY DUST BABY DUST to all!!!!!!!!!!


Mleissa - April 5

Thanks for reading my venting and letting me know that I am not the only wierd-o out there, maybe all women are more alike than we think, thanks guys prayers to all.


katy - April 5

Oh yes, I hear ya sister! I'm .......l'm currently25DPO, AF is 2wks late & still no positive!! What the heck right?? Hang in there... BABY DUST TO YOU ALL ****


shira - April 5

hey guys. I feel exactly like you all. I am in the waiting game now too....two more weeks...but i always feel like i am more tired and more hungry and then i imagine what it would be like to finally get a positive test back and be pregnant after 7 months of trying!! I also imagine what it would be like to have a girl or a boy. I even go online all the time and look at all the pregnancy clothes to see what i would want to buy when i do finally get pregnant. Anways, good luck to everyone- i really wish and pray that sometime soon we will all just be pregnant!!


Ana - April 5

Hi.. i feel exectly the same like you all. A few weeks late & feeling like I'm pregnant. But HPT said -ve. By the way what BFP stands for?


kisha - April 5

u know i feel my boobs hurt, i always have to do # 2, i feel crazy feelings sometimes in my stomach but like many of you i also have till 3/14 it killing me softly waiting


Mandy Liew - April 6

i'm in TEARS when i read throughyour article,cause ME too in the same position!! always eyes on pregnant lady,how lucky they are.Everything around me is 'PREGNANT'-lizards,cats,dogs even my maid's sister far back in hometown.I loooove children very much,wanted to have 6!When i go shopping,i'll go to children & maternity wear department! Also start collecting maternity wear..Am i crazy??Spending lots of money for fertility test and pregnancy test too..Well, all the best and baby dust baby dust baby dust to all.. smile


Kim - April 6

In the Same Boat


Betty - April 6

I know how u feel. This past 3 weeks I thought I was preg. but went to dr and did blood test, and nothing...:( feeling very sad. but trying to stay happy. I have 1 child and wanted to have 1 with my husband. I have only been trying for 3 months. My friend has been going through this for 8 years. I hate the depo!!!!!!!!


Poly - April 7

It somewhat made me laugh and cry at the same time when i read these comments. Only been married 4 months and we are really lookong forward to a baby but just last week my period came ... AGAIN. I locked myelf in the room an cried my eyes swollen! I remembered a time when after foolin around with a boyfriend I'd completely panic if my period was late. and now all I want is for them to GO away, yeah for 9 months too , and let me have my baby. In one month i do the HPT like 4 times--- I'm in denial every time t see the single linethat says NO, NOT YET. I go online and read baby articles, fertility, ovulation, etc. I have baby names ready, I have a sopping list ready (titled: Baby & Me). Well, good to know these feelings are normal. I pray that you al get your heart's desires. Blessings!


Claire - April 7

Aww love I know how you feel.

I'm not holding much hope for this month now as my belly has started hurting so i think AF is on her way. I suffer really bad with my periods and i can tell this is going to be a bad one already. Due for my Laparoscopy Tuesday as they think I’ve got Endometriosis but we’ll see what they find.

I probably won’t be in after 2moz as I’m off work for the week and it’s the only place I can use the computer.

Feel really down now! Especially as DF isn't home until June


me too - April 12

i cried reading your answers as i know exactly how you feel. i thought i was the only one and now i feel much better. i cried my eyes out last night when i had realize af came. i was sure this time i was pg.


Shannon - April 12

I am sorry that you are going through this. I feel exactly the same way that you do. I have been doing this for almost two years now and have just started fertility drugs. The waiting is horrible. I also understand how disappointed you feel when you only see one line. I get my hopes up every month and just like you, when I get a negative result, I tell myself that I took it too early and remain hopeful for a few more days. It is very frustrating and emotionally draining. I cry when I see that the test is negative. My friends tell me that I need to relax and not think about it, but as you all know, that is impossible. It is even more difficult when your friends and family members tell you that they are pregnant and then when you have to be around them. It is very difficult for me to be around my pregnant friends sometimes. I guess we just have to all keep our fingers crossed and our spirits up as much as possible. Lots and lots of baby dust to everyone.


May - April 13

The friend issue is very hard for me too. YOu want to be supportive and happy bc you love them and are so happy for them, but it just tears me up inside. I find myself avoiding situations where I have to be with them bc the talk is just unbearable (not that I'm not happy for them). Very unhealthy and not right, I know. Feeling out of sorts bc I am pretty sure AF is coming tomorrow, but there is always next month, right?



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