pregnancy symptoms/how soon after concieving?
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sherry - November 13

i had af like feelins VERY stron from ovulation on, but i also had clomid and iui, so i don't know what caused it. i got sore breasts almost immediately, and blue veins soon appeared as well, so i think this month is a bust cause i got nothin. ood luck, not everyone feels anythin so stay ++++


maria doyle - November 26

it can be as soon as 2 weeks after conception


Lismaky - November 28

Dana, I personally didn't feel anything until 4 days before my missed period, and all I felt were cramps so I thought i was getting my period, took a test and it was positive!! that was almost 2 years ago, now i'm trying again and I was due for my period yesterday and now instead of a full period i just have bright reddish blood mixed with clear discharge, very thin, nothing on my pad but only when I wipe, or use a tampon, now is this spotting? is this a period should i even waste a pregnancy test on this????


ErikaCane357 - March 7

Hi my name is Erika, I ovulated on the 4th of this month and my hubby and I ddi it twice just to make sure lots of swimmers got in there. I am now really naseous and tired. Isnt it way to soon to feel like this even if I am preggy? It's only been like 2 days since the possibility of conception. Can someone please help me. Thanks.


addie1717 - March 8

Hi Erika, I have never been pregnant, but I have learned a lot in my journey. I think 2 days after O is a little early, but it could be? I don't think you start experiencing any symptoms until the baby implants usually day 5-10 after O...Keep us posted, your body may just react early...Good luck to you!!!


ErikaCane357 - March 8

Thanks Addie, I will totally keep you posted. Still feeling naseous but I think it's all in my head because I want to be pregnant so badly. I will test in about a week and let you know. Thanks again for your response.


sososleepy - March 8

Hi Erika. Your first symptoms won't be until after it implants, 6 to 10 or so days after you O. That's when it releases the hCG, which first gets in your blood, then in your urine as I understand it. An hpt / (or k) (home pg test/kit) should be able to detect the hCG in your urine a couple of days after it implants. So... for most of us our first symptom is a missed period, a positive hpt, or if you chart you'll see that your temps stay up. A few lucky gals implant early and make more hCG so they barf or get sore breasts earlier on.


Tink - March 8

i believe implantation won't occur until 7-10 days after ovulation/fertilization (or the successful sex act!). so you wouldn't feel anything until it implants and starts releasing HCG. anything you feel sooner is either psychosamatic (in your head) or something else. i know the feeling though- i have wanted this so bad and taken so many fertility drugs, that i was often convinced i was feeling symptoms when i wasn't. but at 2 days past the sex act/ovulation, that is too early for sure. it would take another few days minimum to feel anything. i just did my first IVF cycle and we had two eggs fertilized in the lab and grew for 5 days. i had both transferred into me on the 5th day and i started getting symptoms 2 days later (7 days past ovulation). even though mine grew outside my body the first 5 days, they must have immediately implanted the day of transfer or a day later, as my symptoms (cramping, back ache, feels like AF is coming sort of, tired, smelly pee, dizzy) started on day 7 and have continued (5 weeks along now). good luck!


ErikaCane357 - March 9

Thanks everyone for your responses. They have been very helpful. I will test on the 18th if my period does not show up that day and let you know as soon as I see the 2 lines (or not). Thanks again.


ErikaCane357 - March 10

Ok so i said I would keep you all posted so here is what is going on now. I started to get somewhat painful breasts yesterday. I put my bra on today and it is starting to feel very tight. My nipples hurt and itch too. I know this part is not in my head. I think the nasea was somethign else because it's gone now. It was probably just nerves. But this breast thing is beginning to bug me. When can I take a pregnancy test and find out one way or the other. I have also been really really bitchy since yesterday as well. I just really want to know. Thanks for listening and any advice would be more than welcome I realy need support right now. Thanks.


Blakey - March 10

I just tested positive on Feb. 26th, after 2nd IVF/ICSI cycle.

I have only experienced very, very sore b's. alos, sometime i have lower back ache at the end of my work day. Been feeling a few little twinges here and there in my lower abdomen, but that is it, not a whole lot of pregancy symptoms . I was told that most women don't really start to exp. symtoms until week 7 like nausea, fatigue, morning sicknesss....
but it could be different for everyone. I am still waiting for my b's to get bigger, that part of pregnacy I wil enjoy, since I am small framed up top, and bring it on! yay! lol....Good luck! :)


Our greatest gift - March 23

Hi, my own experience is I had intercourse on the 6th and 7th of Feb. 2007 and took pregnancy test on 18th of Feb. and it was positive- but by the 18th I actually already was bothered by different smells and my chest hurt- and my chest never hurts...


Rachell27 - June 18

It's a week till I get my period but I have been nauseaus, constantly tired, had really bad gas which I don't normally get and just felt weird, not right. I have felt some minor things in my lower abdomen and things are tasting different not all things but some. It's been like this for a couple weeks. and I'm not sure what to think.


Janay - November 13

I have a question myself... i have a csyt in my left ovary and i'm wanting to concieve... i'm scared that i won't be able to b/c of my condition... it's not a big cyst... wat should i do?



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