pregnancy symptoms/how soon after concieving?
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Lisa - September 2

I started having sore breasts at about 8 weeks after i fell pregnant they also changed veins, dark nipples ect i then started feeling sick about week 12 or maybe more than that.

I did get cravings around the time my period was due but i didnt really know i was pregnant back then.


vaish - September 4

its not asn but qu i m having symtoms like dizzyness,mouth bitterness slitly fainting but pains like period so i m confuse wat it is my date on 6th so i m soconfuse i didnt pt so plz asn me i m waintin for reply


ash - September 4

its not asn but qu i m having symtoms like dizzyness,mouth bitterness slitly fainting but pains like period so i m confuse wat it is my date on 6th so i m soconfuse i didnt pt so plz asn me i m waintin for reply


Rox - September 9

sorry this is not an answer but a question. I am 39 yrs old and had sex with my fiance exactly on the day i was supposed to ovulate. my last period was on Aug 15th and we had sex on Aug 29th. For the past 4 days my breast have been killing me. The nipples are sooo tender and the outer portion of my breast are throbbing.My fiance says they look huge. Also the past 2 days i have noticed slight lower back pain, very minimal bowel movements , and slight cramping. I took the First Response test this afternoon and it read negative. I am not due for my period until Sept 13th-14th, do you think that i could be pregnant? Has anyone ever experienced this throbbing sensation before?


Stephanie - September 15

I started bleeding after intercourse twice in a row, and have been bleeding for four (give or take) days since. I have had nausea, breast soreness and all the normal sign's of my menstrual. However I took a pregnancy test (just gut feeling) and it looks like its positive. Is this even possible... I would have only conceived maybe 6-7 days ago.


Jess - September 23

I haven't missed my period yet but that is because it's not due until 9/28. now I was on the IUD for six years and last month I decided to take it out. Now my m/c was every 28 days and it last me 8 days. When I took my IUD out my period came 4 days late. When I had my cycle it last me 5 day as a normal period. Now based on my ovulation day it should of been 14th, I had sex 4 days before and 2 days after. Now lately I been really gassy and yesterday my boobs are sore. Can I be pregnant? or is it just my period that is coming?


jnd415 - September 24

i have a question. i am 18 years old and recently got married in june. 1 week before marrige, i thought i was pregnant and took a hpt and came out positive. 2 days later i started bleeding, so im guessing i lost it? well, anyway, since i got married, we started for about 3 weeks having protected sex but then after that, we have been trying to concieve. sorry if this is too much information but we have sex almost every day, (not when i have my period though). i was hoping i was pregnant this month but i just got my period last night. if we're having interourse almost everyday, meaning when i am ovulating, why havent i gotten pregnant yet? help!!!


angel - September 25

i havent missed my period yet ,but today my breasts really started to hurt.could I be pregnant?


heyy - October 13

is heavy murous before iui normal


marcus paz - October 14

i felt my breat milk after one day


mandy - October 15

I was told that basicallly you can't expect to have symptoms until after the cells have implanted---which generally ocurrs between 5 - 8 days after ovulation.

Before it implants, it is literally just a ball of cells, recently fertilized by the sperm, INSIDE the tube....hanging out..and then it finally comes down to uterus, sets ups camp ...and then starts releasing HCG as a result.

It is the HCG, as well as the taking off in levels of Progesterone and estrogen that will make you have symptoms. Howver, it is perfectly normal NOT to have any symptoms until after period is missed


charmaine - October 19

I slept with a guy on dec.20 and 21 I spooted on the 3rd of january a little i took a pregnancy test at the end of jan. and on feb. 9th i found out i was 5 weeks pregnant did i get pregnant in january or dec.


Valarie Doria - November 9

I am 31 and my husband and I had a successful pregnancy with my 3 year old son. We now have been trying for 2 years to get pregnant. I just had artifical Insemination done (IUI) and found out today it was not successful. My husband's count, mobility & morphology is low 6 mil (count). We cannot find anything wrong with me. Are we a good canidate for IUI? Should we try it again or should we do Invetro? What are the stat's for getting pregnant by IUI and by invetro for a couple who is in there early 30's? Thank you!


GIA - November 9



me - November 13

There is a better chance with in vitro than IUI, due to the fact that the eggs and sperm are already on the enbryo stage and can impant better, as well as preparing your body for a lush place for the embryos to implant. IUI is better than normal sex because you are depositing only the good sperm directly into the womb, bypassing all the other materials, dead sperm, etc... Basically, IVF is best, then IUI than regular sex. However, the better and more invasive the procedure is, the more expensive it gets. Hope that helps! Good luck!


sherry - November 13

i had af like feelins VERY stron from ovulation on, but i also had clomid and iui, so i don't know what caused it. i got sore breasts almost immediately, and blue veins soon appeared as well, so i think this month is a bust cause i got nothin. ood luck, not everyone feels anythin so stay ++++



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