pregnancy symptoms/how soon after concieving?
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Vicky - May 9

Hello! I would really love some advice as I feel I am going insane.... Its very frustrating and every month you bleed you want to just give up hope! This has been my fourth month of trying now! It can take every woman different amounts of time I know as I have witnessed it myself! My friend and I come off the pill at roughly the same time and she fell pregnant as soon as she come off - I mean in that week she got pregnant thats how quick it was for her! But its really getting me down now because I was really hoping that I was pregnant last month as I only had a bleed for one day and I thought maybe it was implatation bleeding but obviously not because I got up yesterday and a few hours later bled more. My periods are really mixed up too... I come off the pill in January and then had a bleed a few days later. I then come on Mar 7th and then bled for a day on 14th April then had another half days bleed on 18th April. Then yesterday morning I had a very light break through but no blood and then in the evening I had cramping a some bleeding. I have had bleedding today so I am taking it that it's my AF afterall. I don't understand how I am meant to work out when I am fertile though! Any help from anyone?!xxxxxxxxxxx


cryss - May 9

Hi Vicki,
I am sorry that you feel hopeless. DOnt giveup. Every woman is different. I have friends that are fertile myrtle and then I have friends who have tried for 6 months to 8 yrs! HAve yu gone to a fertility doct? IT is helpful. I have gone to one. They take blood and check to make sure there arent any fertility problems and if there are then they work with yu to help you. I go to a fertility doct. Take care


im - May 9

I am on clomid to help increase ovulation. my doctor suggested after a few follicle scans to hae intercourse over the weekend close ot ovulation. We had intercourse only once,. Is it likely to still concieve if intercouse only happend once one at least three times during the weekend? My partner does want to conceive however, I think being on a schedule of when to have intercourse is overwhelming for him and this creates friction and stress between us. This is the reason why intercourse only happened once.this cycle.


Jen - May 9

As long as the intercourse was around ovulation and not after ovulation, once is all it takes. I wish you the best of luck!


Heather1 - May 10

Hi Vicki,
I know it's hard not to get frustrated. Everyone of my friends got pregnant last year. 5 friends. I have had a friend give birth Feb, Mar, and Apr of this year. I am to the point where I cannot go to another baby shower. I have been TTC for a year. I am 33. Someone gave me some good advice though. Go buy the OPK from Clear Blue Easy. It's aboutr $200. I started using it 4 months ago and feeling optimistic. I know when I get an LH Surge and I know when I O. It is so helpful and it shows you how your body works. You maybe having sex at the wrong time, too much sex and so on. I just started a series of hormone testing just to make sure I am okay. Good luck. I know it's hard, but try not to get too stressed. Keep the faith.


hope - May 10

vicky, I know how u feel.i tried like that for a whole year untill I lost hope and started back on the pill. Finally just recently we decided to get a dr.apt. and begin Clomid for certainty and experienced medical help, b/c the internet and friends can only help so much, and when you have wanted a child with no results as long as i have, the time is worth it. If u have irreguilar periods, a Dr. may be ur best bet too. Good Luck!!


Bonnie - May 10

2 weeks


mandy j - May 11

i've had 2 bubs and i knew i was pregnant with my second one even before my period was due..peed alot, very clumsy, forgetful, extremely tired very very nauseated, can't put sentences together...think it's called preggy brain....DO THE TEST....all the best!


mandy j - May 11

another sign can be that you feel asthough you are going to get your periods....same kind of pains.....all the best.


Missy - May 11

Hi, I last had my period on April 17 i had sex the 24-25 i am really hoping that i am pregnant is there any chance i am....


Drew - May 12

I am on my first cycle of Clomid and Metformin-started both on the fifth and I can not figure out when ovulation may take place for me... maybe it already has. But can you have too much sex? We do it atleast once a day. Good luck to all!


shah - May 13

this is not a answer but question..whenever i and my husband have sex....semen(fluid) leaks out.....i dont know what to do even i am dying to get it normal? or is there any problem? please help me out...thank you


chris - May 14

i have a question i missed my depo shot i had to get in march and i didnt go and had sex i took two test and cant out neg, can any one help me please


rachel - May 17

I had a m/c on May 1st and we have been trying to get pregnant right away. This sounds crazy but my breast are feeling different and i have had a headach for 4 days. So we will wait and see if we are pregnant at the end of the month. Good luck to every1. My Question is can your breasts change that quickly?


chantel - May 18

how long after you concieve can you take an preg test and what are the earliest signs


Lynn - May 19

I dont know if I'm pregnant or not, I hear that you can only get pregnant when your ovulating, then i hear that you can get pregnant anytime, and I had sex about a week before ovulation, I had a little spotting, once, very sore boobs, headaches, period like cramps, tired all the time...I dunno what it is..I'm only 16 years old, so I'm not sure if im just coming down with the flu or period is 12 days away...does it sound as if im pregnant or not, and can you only get pregnant when ovulating? Please tell me what you think because I'm very nervous.. Also, do you get gassy when pregnant?



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