pregnancy symptoms/how soon after concieving?
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Jennnette - April 12

how soon do u get symptoms of pregnancy


Jennette - April 12

how soon will a positive result show up on a home pregnancy test


michelle - April 13

does yeast infections come with pregnancy


StaceyAnne - April 20

This is not an answer but a question I had sex with my boyfriend around my ovulation period he did the ole' pull out before I cum routine and for the past couple of days I've been feeling sick; I've had a headache like everyday now and my stomach has been hurting none stop on and off. Sometimes I think it's gas but it comes right back. I took a pregnancy test but it came out negative. Yet, I'm not due to have my period until next week did I take to soon? Or is this the sign of something else.


Heather - April 20

I would wait another week. It is too soon if you're af isn't due until next week. Take the hpt test on the day af is due or the day after. When I got pg I tested - until 15dpo.


StaceyAnne - April 21

Thank you Heather for the heads up but what do you mean by 15dpo I don't though I feel like I'm making something out of nothing. Just today my breast starting feeling swore I'm just going to visit my doctor. My cousin told me that she started feeling symptoms just 4 days after conception. I also think that my temp. has drop lately I've been feeling like I have the flu. More over, I am young 18 years old so I don't know maybe I'm just getting older.


bree - April 29

i have a 36 day cycle so how soon can you get pregnant after having a hysterosalpingogram what day should i trythe doctor said there is only one tube that is working correctly that is the left one the right one is cycle came one 4-21-05 and lasted for 5 days i have been trying to get preg for 14 months please help me


Amy - April 29

Hello. I do not have an answer for anyone. I'm sorry. But, My husband and I have had unprotected sex a few times in the past few weeks. I have started feelin sick, but have not GOT sick, more headaches then usual, slightly sore breasts, feeling moody or sad for no reasons, and some light bleeding(slightly brownish). One thing I need to mention is that I used to be on the depo shot. My last shot was nearly 8 months ago. Also, I took a pg test this morning and it came up negative. Could it be too soon for the test to show positive? My periods had been irregular since i got off the shot, but they have also been heavy with more of a reddish color. Someone please help me. Do I need to wait a little bit longer and take another test?


sara - May 2

please tell me!


sara - May 2

i have the same problem going on right now. im not having any symptoms right now but i am still not sure, i don't know what to do, my boyfriend keeps insisting im not, but he don't know either do i, i hate waiting!



I go for my blood test in the morning. I dont have a regular period I have to take provera to induce a/f. I am so excited yet nervous. I had a postive opk on april 19th. Please pray for BFP. I am so excited yet nervous and so scared of bfn. I am not having any real signs of pregnancy. WE WILL SEE!!!


May - May 8

I miscarried at the end of March and got my period end of April. My husband and I ttc again on my 10th, 11th, and 13th day post AF (that's Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights of this week), I have been feeling nausiated the past few days. I also see some light pink blood when I wipe (sorry for the detail). Could I be pregnant? If anything I just conceived a few days ago? Is this possible? Could I be miscarrying again? Could it be implantation bleeding? It seems to me that it's too soon for any of these things. Any advice? Please help.


sam - May 8

i would like to know i have the same problem


Jessica - May 8

Well I really dont have an answer, I am just hoping for a positive pregnancy test before the month of May is out!! My hubby and I have been trying but I found out in Feb. that I needed to be on medication to make me ovulate. So I got a positive OPK test on May 5,6,7 so hopefully I will have a positive pregnancy test soon!!! Wish me good luck!


j - May 9

May and Sam, it sounds like implantation bleeding to me. It usually comes when the egg is burrowing into the wall of the uterus. Probably not m/c unless you have severe bleeding and cramping


Vicky - May 9

Hello! I would really love some advice as I feel I am going insane.... Its very frustrating and every month you bleed you want to just give up hope! This has been my fourth month of trying now! It can take every woman different amounts of time I know as I have witnessed it myself! My friend and I come off the pill at roughly the same time and she fell pregnant as soon as she come off - I mean in that week she got pregnant thats how quick it was for her! But its really getting me down now because I was really hoping that I was pregnant last month as I only had a bleed for one day and I thought maybe it was implatation bleeding but obviously not because I got up yesterday and a few hours later bled more. My periods are really mixed up too... I come off the pill in January and then had a bleed a few days later. I then come on Mar 7th and then bled for a day on 14th April then had another half days bleed on 18th April. Then yesterday morning I had a very light break through but no blood and then in the evening I had cramping a some bleeding. I have had bleedding today so I am taking it that it's my AF afterall. I don't understand how I am meant to work out when I am fertile though! Any help from anyone?!xxxxxxxxxxx



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