pregnancy symptoms/how soon after concieving?
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dana - March 6

How soon after having sex and possibly concieving do you feel any symptoms of pregnancy? Like sore breasts or neausea.


Manda - March 6

Hey, This just depends, your first symptoms is usually a missed period!...How long ago has it been?


michelle - March 7

i've had 3 pregnancies , none which have carried past 8 weeks, the only symtoms i had was spotting on day 16 of my cycle, every women is diferent, i never have any breast soreness, or sickness...if your period is missed do a pregnancy test!


dana - March 12

Hi it's me . It's a week till I get my period but I am feeling very neauseas and my boobs really hurt?? It's been like this for the past few weeks.


brandi - March 12

I have been twice.The first one was a healthy baby boy and second one was a miscarriage at 12 weeks.I have felt moving in my stomach when I was pregnant and not before period was coming.Usually you don't feel nausea until you missed your period.My breasts did start to hurt before imy period was to also pee a lot.I get really gassy ,too. take a pregnancy test.


Jules - March 18

I almost immediately felt it. I felt neauseous and my breasts were REALLY sore, they felt like they were carrying twice the load... Also, my emotions were all over the map. I took a pregnancy test 5 days before my period (I forget the brand, but it exists, it's in a "pink box") and sure enough, I was pregnant! Take a test!


brandi - March 18

my period is due march boob have been sore since 7 days after ovulating,felt nauseas for 3 days ext.It could be b/c of period not sure.


Lynn - March 19

My period is due 3/22! we are playing the same waiting game. My boobs usually get sore about 3-4 days after O, but this cycle they didn't. They started to get sore 2 days ago instead. That is really the only "sign" that I have. I woke up at 3am this morning & decided to test - I just couldn't wait... I'm pretty sure that there was a very VERY faint positive line there, but I could be wrong. It was ANswer early pg test. & the instructions said it is only 60% accurate 4 days before af, 80% accurate 3 days & 90% accurate 2 days & the day of.. I'm on day 25 of a 28 day cycle so I don't know if they would consider that 4 or 3 days before I miss af... I usually get a really bad backache 2 days before af. so if I don't get that, then I'm gonna test the morning of 3/22 again. Good Luck sweetie! I'll be thinking of you!


beth - March 19

I knew very soon after conception. My body temp. didn't drop as it usually does after ovulation. Also, i became very sensitive to certain smells and things began to even taste different. Also i noticed that I was loosing less hair in the shower. I usually loose a ton! I took a pregnancy test 4days before I missed my period and got what I thought was a VERY faint line.Took a test the next day and it was neg. Went to the Dr.'s and they took a urine test and they said " your not pregnant". The next day I still was saying to my husband " I know I'm pregnant". Took one more home test and sure enough ~ I WAS! Went back to the Dr. And had the lab draw blood to confirm pregnancy. Instincts rarely lie! Good luck!


michelle - March 20

beth- you give me hope..and congratulations xx
i'm on 1st round of clomid, not missed period yet, am on day 27 normal periods 23/24/25 days but with clomid suppose to make you 28 days!
anyway the last 3 days been having bad period bads, yesterday was quite cripperling but only for 30 secs, i've had absolutely no blood not even a show... day25 i done a test and it was slightly only very faintly positive, day 26 test was neagative, now day 27 have not done another test, still period like pains and no show of blood!!!!
please help!!!!!!! anyway experienced this before???not sure whether i am pregnant or not! only a few days to wait
but am very anxious and want to know what these pains are....x


Stefani - March 21

Do you still have cramping and menstral pains, like you're going to have your period, even before you find out your pregnant?


michelle - March 21

this is exactly how i feel , pains and cramping (period on its way?? or pregnancie symtoms??)


Tracy - March 23

I feel that you have to atleast wait till the day of ur missed, I was due 2 start on the 19 of March and I havent. I have all the symptoms of pms but am never late, I have taken 4 pt and all say neg so im going 2 wait another 3 or 4 days then do another


michelle - March 23

tracey- have you checked the bin afterwards, mine turned to positive later on.. after missed period it came straight up...


heavin - March 23

Btw, I am new to this forum, and I love it so far!! I have 3 teenagers now, and been remarried for 9 years now and had reversal 2 year ago. Anyway, my first signs were a "spot" of blood for like a half of day during normal period time, sleeping all day long no matter if i had a good nights rest, every day. Also, very sensitive breasts, more than normal before periods, and of course nausea. But my first sign was the spotting. GL!!


Eric - March 24

it's hard for me to say my fiance is goin through the same thing now but i would say about 2-4 weeks into is when u will start to feel the symptoms


Jennnette - April 12

how soon do u get symptoms of pregnancy



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