pregnancy symptoms for months negative tests
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Kelly - July 26

Hi Ladies, I have thought now for a few months I could be pregnant but I keep getting negative test results, I had the doctor do one and it came up negative too and put the symptoms down to my being overweight and gas but I honestly dont think what I feel is gas. I have not had a period in eight months but every time I walk or do housework I have spotting which is really weird, If I meantion this to my doctor she will just put me on the pill which is the last thing I want. Some days I dont feel anything other days I feel light movements and sometimes I feel like something is doing cartwheels inside me but afterwards I have to ask myself is it in my head. I have been through periods of sore breasts, tender nipples, heartburn, always hungry, needing to pee so bad sometimes i just dont make loo on time (just lately) and my belly is huge but I also have PCOS so Im confused, just happy im not alone.



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