Pregnancy symptoms during 2WW??
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babyloves2play - March 4

I was wondering if anyone has had any pregnancy symptoms during 2 week wait. I'm not sure when I ovulated but I took 100 mg clomid days 5-9. So I had sex during the days that I was instructed to. I am now on cycle day 21 and for the last 3 days I have felt weepy, crampy (like menstrual cramps but not as strong), a little nausea off and on, nipples only feel sensitive every now and then but not often, and I've had lots of hot flashes. I've never known myself to get premenstrual until around the time of my period which is usually between cycle day 30 to 35. Could I be pregnant? Took Early Response preg. test but negative.


MuzikGurl - March 4

Hey babyloves2play, I totally understand!!! I'm going through this too!!! I took 50mgs. on days 6-10 and I've been feeling pg. symptoms too...everyday...have you charted ur temps. this past cycle? I have for the past three cycles. First 2 I wasn't takign clomid and the 3rd one I did. I didn't ovulate at all the first 2 but, this one I clearly see high temps and have been for the past 10 days so, I'm hoping this is a good thing. I'm also experiencing new feelings that I didn't before. Although I am not having hot flashes I am having hard time getting comfortable when I go to sleep, pukey feeling, cramps all over the place, sore nipples, indegestion, gassy-very lately, very thirsty, very fatigue, tired throughout the day no matter what I do, headaches, just small things that are starting to become bothersome because I don't know. I took a clearblue digital 8dpo and it was neg. took an e.p.t. 10dpo neg. I will take another e.p.t tomorrow on 11dpo then 14dpo I will take my last clearblue digital if still neg. I will see the dr. on 16dpo (march9th) to take a beta (blood pg. test)....I hope everything works out for you, just want you to know ur not alone!! take care and let me know!


nelly - March 4

You sound like your still getting all the symptoms I had when I have been on clomid. I was on it days 2-6 and both times I had those exact same feelings and wasnt pregnant. I hope you are but wait until 14 dpo to test so it is an accurate test.


babyloves2play - March 4

Hey, thanks for replying to my question. This is the second time I have taken clomid. The first cycle I took 50 mg and I never had these symptoms that is why I find them suspicious. I only went through mood swings during the five day period of taking the med but after that I had no side effects or pregnancy symptoms. I have done research and found that clomid does cause similar pregnancy symptoms. It just seems weird for me right now because of the time it is happening in my cycle. It could go either way but I'm hoping I'm pregnant and I hope you are pregnant too MuzikGurl.


babyloves2play - March 4

Also, did any either of you do opk's while on clomid? For some reason, my results kept fluctuating for about a week. For a couple of days my test line would be dark and then fade and then get dark again. Could clomid be causing that? I started testing with opk's after cd 11.


nelly - March 4

my opks were the same as other months not on clomid. I use the clear blue (more expensive but I found the cheapie ones never register a surge for me).



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