pregnancy symptoms but - ve preg. test
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neha. - August 9

I had a miscarriage 4 months ago. i m ttc from last month(july) but no success. this time i ovulated on 3rd & i had sex a day before "0". 1dpo i have started getting period like cramping & sore nipples. i get some dizzy spells too sometimes. my period is due on 17th aug. i took a test 5dpo & it was negative. what shud i do? are these preg. signs? can anyone help me?


Trying - August 9

Some of these symptoms are so hard to figure out? You could just be having a flu or something. I say don't get your hopes up yet, so your not too dissappointed and wait to test until closer to your date.


Lena - August 9

5dpo is way to soon for any HPT to give you a positive result. The HPT react to hcg produced by the conceptus after implantation. Implantation won't begin for several more days. Don't forget that the symptoms you describe are also symptoms of higher progesterone levels. Consider this is good news for now!! PMS symptoms are only felt on cycles with ovulation.



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