Pregnancy problems
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silonee - November 25

I am trying to conceive for the past 6 months but nothing seems to be happening. I am 34 and have got a son of 5 yrs. I lost a baby girl at 40 weeks in Feb 2005. Now I am desperately trying to conceive but no luck. Is there anydiet I can follow or could it be I am not ovualating. Please help.


C - November 25

After you have a baby/miscarriage it might take your body awhile to get rid of the hormones so you can get pregnant again. Just keep trying and I'm sure you'll get pregnant soon. Sorry for your loss in February. I can't imagine going through that. Not to be too nosy but was there a complication in delivery?


me - November 27

If it were me, I would go to an RE and get some bloodwork done, possibly a vaginal ultrasound to see what is going on. Yes, eating a healthy well balanced diet always helps, but if there is an underlying issue, i.e. tubes blocked or PCOS, then diet may not necessarily help. Be proactive and go to an RE to see what is up. Good luck!


Silonee - December 5

hi there was'nt any complications, my waters broke and the doc told me to go home after keeping me monitered for about an hour. Even though my husband and me kept telling him that for my first child since I did not progress inot labour an emergency ceseran was done. The idoit told us to go home and return if I got labour pains or felt any discomfort. He said if everything was fine we could return after 48 hours and then they would induce me. A long day went and on the next day I felt there were no movements of the baby. After we rushed to the hosp we were told that the heart beat had stopped and there was nothing more they could do. My baby was fully formed and the post mortem report should no infection, disabilty or any sort of problem with her. Each and every organ was fully formed and she was a perfect little baby with no abnormalities at all. So there you go another fault of the hosp but they just wont acknowledge it.


LB - December 6

I am so sorry to hear about your loss silonee, i lost my son at 24 weeks on sept 5 05. He to was perfectly healthy and i went into preterm labour for no reason as all the tests have come back normal. Have you tried the opks ? the first normal period i had was on nov18, my first was extremely long it came after 7 weeks after i lost my baby then the next one didn't come til nov 18 well over two weeks overdue so now i am waiting on my third(or not)hopefully it doesn't come but who knows i don't have any signs yet that i am pregnant but who knows two week wait is on. I have totally cut out caffeine, i am drinking green tea and i take folic acid everyday, what are your daily habits and especially around the time you ovulate?


Silonee - December 12

Hi LB I have not yet started folic acid. Was thinking of starting this month. My periods were due on 7th and didnt come till 9th. I was really thrilled coz I thought things had clicked and i had some hope. But then I painted the city red so there you go, have to wait for another month now. Lets hope 2006 will bring some luck.



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