pregnancy problem
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rishu - July 11

i m 25 years old n trying to concieve for the last 7 months.i didn't get positive results.lasttime we didn't have sex 1 week before my periods so my periods got late by 5 days.but this time we had sex till last date due for my periods n i got my question is if i m trying to concieve a baby can i have sex 1 week before due date of periods?


deb - July 11

rishu it depends how late you ovulate. Do you know when you ovulate?


TaiVion - July 11

You should go online and register for anovulation calender as it has been helpful to me . I had 2 pos. test results but resulted in mc so I'm still trying this is my first month using the calendar so hopefully it works. Good Luck and Baby Dust keep me posted



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