pregnancy heartach
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sazzy-B - March 20

hi me and my partner tried getting pregnant from feb 04 after i think i had a misscarriage i didnt go to the hospital because i didnt know it was one i was only 17 at the time and from feb04 untill may 05 we didnt use controseption and nothing happaned im scared that ive damaged my self in side because i didt get it checked i had heavy bleading between those dates untill i went on the depo injection in late may im scared i wont be able to have children what should i do


wannabeamom - March 21

Hi sazzy-B. I would say go to your OBGYN. It sounds like you should seek medical attention. Your health is nothing to play with. If there are any issues it is better to find them out sooner than later. It can be scary to think there may be a problem but it may be correctable. Goodluck.


June - March 21

I understand you were scared but it's still not a good reason why you didn;t go soon after the miscarriage. It could be nothing or it could be something , you wont know until you see a dr. I doubt anyone here will be able to help you any further. good Luck and don't stress.



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