Pregnancy From Fertilaid Or Aka Vitex ???
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Elena - December 12

Hi, I'm 23yrs old and have been ttc for 1year. I have PCOS and was taking clomid but taking a break from it because it makes me crazy. Anyways, my question is has anybody taken FertilAid which has vitex in it and other great stuff and gotten pregnant? Did it also regulate you're af and make you ovulate? Just ordered the pills should arrive next week. Really anxious to see if this will help me get pregnant!!! Would really apprecitate a response. Baby Dust**


Elena - December 12

anybody please, would like to hear something or a success story.


sandra - December 14

hi elena, I had an ectopic pregnancy 9 years ago and had right tube and ovary removed. I have since had two children. I came off pill in May and did not take a period til June, then I started taking Vitex. I took a period in Oct, then again 33 days later in Nov. I have not taken one yet in Dec but hoping I am PG. I think the vitex has made a different to my cycle and also my symptoms of PMS. I feel healthier and have lost a little weight (a good thing) though, so hopefully it will work for you. I would stick with it and give it a go. let me know how you get on. Good luck and babydust.


Frances - December 15

You guys should check out some of the other threads, like the signs of pregnancy one, lots of those ladies are using vitex and other natural aids, I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail, I ordered based on what they were saying was working! I ordered some specific stuff, not the fertilaid, but they say good things!!



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