pregnancy after tubal ligation
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bboyd - May 16

I had my tubes tied August 30,2005 and shortly after I got a divorce and now and with a wonderful man who has no natural children and would love to get pregnant. I had been looking for the past 6 month into getting my tubes reversed. I have not yet had the surgery. But now I am 2 weeks late on my period! I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. Has anyone else gotten pregnant after there tubes was tied and had a negative HPT result?? How much longer should I wait to take another one?? Does anyone have any other ideas of what I should do? I know it is risky and I need to do something but I don't want to feel stupid if I go to the Doctor and I am not pregnant. Oh it isn't menopause beacause I am only 27 years old! Thank you all in advance that respond!


wantanotheraftertr - May 16

I had my tubes ties 13 years ago. I had many late and missed periods after. It didn't start till about 3-4 years after though. I was 26 or 27 when that started I also took tests and was never pg. I did have a tubal reversal in oct 06 and am currently 91/2 weeks pg. I have been regular since the reversal go figure. I don't know what else to say but good luck with what ever you decide to do and let us know if you did manage to concieve without the reversal!


MrsIke - May 17

Hi Boyd, I had tubal reversal after 10years in Oct 06. I had a more symptomatic AF's after it, i had more cramps, more pms, but shorter periods lasting only 4 days. I had a couple of late ones, but never got pg. Though I have heard of a few women getting pregnant after TR, because what the body naturally does is heal itself. Sometimes the tubes will grow and reconnect. The odds of getting pregnant after tubal ligation i think is 1/100. After my reversal i wasnt regular, periods were from 27 to 35 days each month different. Good luck w/whatever you choose.


bboyd - May 17

Thank you for you'r response.. Here is my first update.... I decided to get another HPT and re test in the morning which is today.... it has been a week sense I tested but I did it in the evening... I tested at 6:30 am this morning and it was positive.... So now I just went and got another one but a different brand it is also positive..... I'm going to now call and get to a Doctor asap... I have recently moved to where I live now and I am not sure of any docotrs here but I am going to get one today... I will keep you both posted and let you know what happens... Please pray for me that this baby is not in my tubes!!! Thank you again!!!


bboyd - May 17

I have set a Doctor's appointment they want me to come in today and get the labwork done..... I'll post tom after it is back from lab...


MrsIke - May 17

Wow, that is amazing, you surely beat the odds. I pray that its not in ur tubes. Congrats. I look forward to ur next post.


bboyd - May 18

I had my lab work done yesterday.. The Doctors office called me back today with lab results.... They said that the pregnancy test was negative but that my HCG levels were not normal and that they wanted me to wait 2 weeks and if my period has not came then to call them back and the Doctor would go from there..I don't understand what all this means and what is going on.... I took a HPT and it was positive and the urine preg test they gave me yesterday in the office was positive also.... I am so confused? Does anyone have any advice or clues as to what this means?
I know that if this is not a pregnancy then I am for sure going to get my tubes reversed! I am getting married to my spouse Nov.18,2007 and then after that I will get the reversal (if I'm not pregnant now) Does anyone have any suggestions on Doctors that do tubal reversal?? I have looked into a few of them! Thank you


MrsIke - May 18

Oh No Boyd sorry to hear about that. Did he say perhaps a tubal pregnancy?? I live in California, and I am only familiar w/the place that I had mine done. My Doc said on average women wont get pregnant for about 9 months after reversal. Mine was 7, but m/c. So be prepared for a possible wait to get prego. Keep me posted, sorry you have to go through this.


bboyd - May 19

MrsIKE.....I have not yet had a reversal... My tubes are still tied, I just have not had my period and have had positive test... Neways thank you for you'r support...I guess from here it is just a waiting game for atleast 2 weeks unless I have pain....



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