pregnancy after myomectomy
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daisy flower - July 21

hello ladies, I am having a myomectomy just next month. Last year I had a micarriage at week 23. I am afraid, how easy would it be to get pregnant after the myomectomy. Also scared of uterine adhesions and rupture. Any success stories who got pregnant after myomectomy are welcome.


hopeful-for-one - July 21

Hi daisy flower, I had a myomectomy January 2005 & am still trying to get pregnant. The myomectomy went great, no problems at all & the doctor said there was no reason not to continue trying to get pg.


Tracy88 - July 21

I just ALMOST had a myomectomy, but fortunately my fibroid was just sitting on the surface of my uterus, and they could take it right off without having to disturb anything. I just had a lap done, so that's when they took it off. I was going to have them leave the fibroid in though if it meant having to cut my uterus at all because I was so afraid of the rupturing thing. When we were talking about the myomectomy, the doc told me that I would not even be able to TTC for at least four months, and then after that, there would still be the risk of the uterus rupturing during a pregnancy. I told him I'd rather leave the fibroid in and risk that causing a miscarriage, than to losemy abay and my uterus due to rupture. It was a very difficult decision. Did you have that M/C last year due to your fibroid? I'm very sorry that happened to you. It's difficult at any stage of pregnancy, but week 23 must have been really hard. Again, I'm sorry.


Tracy88 - July 21

Wow, my spelling is atrocious. The fourth sentence from the bottom is supposed to say "lose my baby".


daisy flower - July 21

Thanks for replies. Hope-for-one. did you have a laparoscopy, were your fibroids removed from inside the uterus? Have you had any HSG for checking the uterine adhesions? Please update little bit about it, if you don't mind. Tracy88 what did docs recommend when to start ttc after lap? Thanks for your words anyways. My m/c had no apparent reasons, but fibroid had been giving me pains all over those 23 weeks. Some doc say fibroid was the reason some say its not as it is intramural and outside the uterus. But most doctors recommended to remove it, especially after what has happened before. For me it is also really difficult to ttc having the fibroid in and then blaming myself for another episode. I hope to recieve some success stories here too. Thanks a lot


hopeful-for-one - July 21

Daisy Flower, I had 3 fibroids all on the outside of my uterus & when they went in for the myomectomy they founfd a fourth fibroid. I also had a lap in October 2004 before the myomectomy mainly to go in & see just how big the fibroids were & how many of them. He found some endo at that time & burnt most of them off. Fibroids were pressing on my bladder & giving me pains on the right side a few days after my af left. I had an HSG done before any of this was done so that was about 2 years ago & tubes were clear. They have no idea why I haven't gotten pg yet. I did well on the myo, they took out the iv's the next day & I didn't use any of the morphine. They have you up that same day walking around. You just need to take it easy afterwards, left your db take care of you & spoil you. =0) Hope it all works out well for you. Keep me posted.



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