pregnancy after laproscopy or/and hysteroscopy?
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kew - April 14

I am having a laproscopy and hysteroscopy in a few weeks and would like to hear any stories in which you have become pregnant afterwards. I have been ttc since mid 2003. I am PRAYING that this will solve my infertility problem. I have endo, something in my left tube, tilted uterus and heart shaped unterus which all are getting corrected.


Lucky717 - April 14

Hi Kew - I had all of those things done and no dice for getting pg. I also have endo. DH & I will begin invitro in July. Hope you have better luck then I did. Baby dust!


Blakey - April 14

hi kew,
I have moderate endometreosis, and had laparoscopy to remove 2 bilateral endometrial cysts. I did get pregant on my 2nd IVF/ICSI cycle, this is my 1st pregnancy, and I was 11 weeks yesterday. I was told by my RE, that a lot of women get Endo when they get older. I have friends who conceived on their own, who also had endo, I think it depends on how severe it is. Good luck, and all the best for you in trying to conceive....don't give up, dream do come true!!!


jjjenny - May 17

I had exactly the same on the 17th March 2007. One month later I am feeling alot better. I haven't ovulated but the doc has said that it may take time to adjust. I have to wait 2 months before I see the gyno again. If all goes according to plan he reckons that i should be able to be pregnant in the time between now and when i see him next. If not, I have the option of medication... fingers crossed... he reckons I have an excellent chance for natural pregnancy because of these two procedures. will keep you posted


erika62897 - May 18

Kew, I had my lap/hyst on April 25. I am FINALLY O'ing. So, we are doing IUI tomorrow (Friday). I will let you know how it all works out. But, I was told (and this was just based on me, personally) that my chances of conceiving before the surgery was about 20-40% (having said this after seeing all of the "issues") and after should have jumped to 60-80%. So...we'll see! Like I said...I will keep you posted. But, considering the problems I had, I am thinking if my RE. She said she feels (and so do I) that this month is the month!


jjjenny - May 18

Lucky717 - I forgot to mention that I (like Blakey) was found to have endo too. They removed it in the op.

Erika62897 - Congrats on the O. and goodluck.. I hope it works too.... its postive to hear, I needed to hear this after the operation. I am excited for you!

For anyone else... What Erika62897 said ....the statement about 20-40% and then jumping up to 60-80% is the same info I got told too... its excellent news isn't it?!



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