Pregnancy after HSG
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Tanja - February 25

I am running a fever today. Have swollen gland under chin. Very hungry and thirsty. Have been having cramps and back pain all day.


Tryingat40 - February 27

It looks like AF arrived. I've had cramps off and on all week and I was hoping the cycle at after the HSG would be "productive." There's always next month!


ST - February 28

I became pregnant on the 3rd cycle following tubes were mildly blocked w/ minor adhesions...good luck to all!


Brenda - February 28

AF arrived on Sat. - I guess there is always next month. I thought for sure it was not coming - guess I was wrong. Let's keep fingers crossed for month of March. Good luck to all of us who are trying ! ;-)


tanja - March 6

Well got my period on the 1st, just as scheduled. Only thing is that it lasted longer and was different. It is usually 2 days in lenghth. But I guess the HSG changed it this month. It was not really a period after the first 2 days - more like a mucus/blood dsch for 5 days. I think that the HSg has effected it. I think it is a period? NO reason to think different. Will try again this month. The fever and stuff was the monster flu..


michelle - March 7

i'm really confused is the hsg the tubal dye test under an xray???
i'm suppose to be having this done next month! is it painful??, i've been told to take anti biotics a day before i have this and then for a week.gyno siad it was just like having a smear, i've previously had a laproscopy and an eptopic last year, so gyno wants to see if my tubes are ok and repaired ok from this? so can it help you getting pregnant??
i'm on my first month of clomid and had scan today showing two follicles which may release two eggs, so hoping i will not need this but if any one can give me feed back on this???
thanks michelle


Julie - March 8

To answer you Michelle, I had the HSG done today, and in my opinion, it was uncomfortable during the procedure & very painful for me afterwards. After the catheter was removed, I had instant cramping which I'm still having even now, 6 hours after the procedure. I am having shooting pains up the cervix - NOT enjoyable! I understand everyone reacts differently, I'm glad I didn't read much about the HSG prior to my test, because I would have scared myself out of it for sure. Best wishes during the test & try not to let other peoples experiences frighten you out of it - I guess prepare yourself for the worst and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised! :-)


Renee - March 8

My doctor wants to schedule an HSG for me in a month or so. If your tubes were blocked, would your temps rise indicating ovulation occured, or would your ovulation predictor tests be positive ever? I'm on my first month of clomid and it's day 17... my temps just keep going down and the ovulation tests have said negative all along.


Betsy - March 9

My husband and I tried to conceive for 8 months. We had the hsg and were pregnant two weeks later. I had some fluid clogging me up in my tubes. I've heard that many women become pregnant after this test.


Kristen - March 13

I am supposed to have an HSG in a few weeks. I'm also going to start my first round of Clomid and have IUI a few days after the HSG. Has anyone else had all of this during one cycle? Will IUI have a chance 2 days after an HSG? Thanks


wantbaby - March 13

I got pregnant one week after HSG


dawn - March 15

I had an hsg about 4 weeks ago and i too did not get pregnant. I am starting my second cycle of clomid this coming up Friday.


wishfulsue - March 15

I'm having my first HSG today after reading everything about the painful experience I think I'll take a bottle of motrin I have not started on any medications for ovulation the Hsg is my first test besides the basic hormonal bloodtests. My husband has low sperm counts less than 20m so I hope this test will help those little guys get up to my uterus. If not, I will try IUI next month, I'm not sure to waste my time or to go to IVF even though expensive I really want a family I'm 30 yrs old never thought it would be so hard to get pregnant. I'll just pray..


to wishful sue - March 16

Hello.. Just wanted to let you know my husband had a low sperm count the first test and now it is normal..make sure they test him again and they will when you do you will know. Also, the HSG will not in any way help his sperm..the hsg will only open your tubes if they are blocked at all. this helps the egg enter the tube so it can be fertilized. IUI will help the sperm reach the egg more efficiently..especially w/ low sperm counts. Good luck to you! I am also 30 and I too never thought fertility problems would affect me! I know it will happen for both of us!


wishfulsue - March 16

Well, I had my HSG this morning, I took I Advil about 20 minutes before my appointment, didn't eat breakfast wanted an empty stomach especially after they said you might feel bloated, I arrived abouth 30minutes early for my appt for paperwork, well that only took 5 minutes it left my mind to worry abouth the test so I took another advil, then just waited for my husband to me at the radiology waiting room. Once I went in they explain everything to you to make the story short you do feel a cramp or an ache when they insert the tube plus they are telling you what they are doing and that it may cause cramping so you might cause yourself more pain by thinking about it, I had a tear or two I was just thinking how awful to have to go through this, everyone putting on a radiation robe to protect themselves and I'm right underneath the beams, why can't having a baby be natural. the tech handed me a tissue asked if I had pain or nervousness I nodded to the second part. then finally the doc said it seems like all your tubes are clear. I smiled and said, your done? I didn't even feel the injection of the dye..I got up felt all the dye coming out and told my husband one more test lets eat. My husband is going for his second semen analysis the first one showed low count less than 20m normal motility and all my bloodtests are normal . the RE states that my ovaries are beautiful you know thats a compliment, but I just want to conceive a healthy baby.. next step will be IUI. I do hope I would get pregnant naturally, nobody knows how someone feels going through infertility unless you've experienced it yourself. I'll just continue to pray and leave it in God's hands.


lisa - March 31

How long should I wait to try to get pregnant after HSG test?



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