pregnancy after bizarre miscarriage
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Brandi Jo - March 6

10\22\04 miscarried at 12 weeks doc said baby died at 9 weeks.(no D&C performed) For 4 months had irregular spotting but no "real" period. 2\22\05 went to E.R. with severe abdominal cramping doc said it was a build up of periods. Very next day an object about the size of a large plum resembling an amniotic sack with attached placenta came out of me. Doctors could not determine what this was. The next day had very heavy bleeding. If this was my dead baby inside me for 4 months could I have problems getting pregnant in the future and how long should I wait? Dr said this was highly uncommon just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like it.


hello - March 6

you poor thing u need to report this to someone if yr baby has been left inside u it can cause all sorts of probs xxx Im so sorry xxx


michelle - March 7

that must of been really awful, i would see a different doctor and get a 2nd opion, and ask for an investigation to see how your womb has been left.



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