pregnancy after birth control pills
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mary - May 12

im 25 years old and was on the pill for 5 years. Its been a year now since I stop taking them. I been tying to get pregnant for six months now and no luck. Is something wrong?


Gretchen - May 15

Hi-i dont have an answer for you, because I am having the same problem and it is so FRUSTRATING!! I am 31 years old and was on birth control from the age of 16-29. I went off birth control Jan. 1 2004, I did not have a period for 6 months, I got a period in July, then skipped August....Since September my cycle is anywhere from 32-42 days husband and I have been trying for over a year now with no luck. In July when i got my period I started taking chinese herbs, Dong Quai and Chasteberry (Vitex) herbs that help with fertility and getting you can only get these herbs at health food stores, whole foods, etc. --- I think I ovulated this month, so I am waiting, again to find out if I am pregnant or not, If I am not pregnant this month, I am going to see a specialist. I feel your is so upsetting.....hang in there, and the herbs did get my period back, so you may want to look into that, if you find them ask to talk to the pharmacist or person working in that department to see how many you should take a day, etc.......Whole foods, the people there are very helpful, if you have one of those stores. Good luck.


Beth - May 16

Mary and Gretchen, were your periods regular before you started the pill? My Dr. told me it doesn't matter how long you were on teh pill and it is a misconception taht it takes a long time to get pregnant once you get off the pill. He told me that if you had irregular periods before you started the pill, that they would be irregular after the pill... which is why there is difficulty for some getting pregnant. I don't think 6 months is terribly long, although I am sure it seems that way to you!!! Unfortunately, I don't think Dr.'s will even talk about fertility issues until you've been trying for a year! I was on BC for 10 years too... got pregnant right away, but ended in a m/, we are now trying again! Regardless ladies, bless you both and Best of luck with the ttc!!! Send some good vibes my way!


carina - May 21

i dont no i have a question can u get pregnant while on the birth control patch


Confused - May 22

I am feeling your pain, I was on BC for 8 years I am 24 now off for a while and get a period every 2 weeks now...Best of Luck to all!!!!


Jess - May 31

Mary Im in the same situation. I am 26 and was on BC for 5 years. I got off the pill last year Feb. 2004. I have been trying ever since. I am really frustrated and dont know what to do. My dc said that maybe after this month if I'm still not preg she would put me on chlomid. If I calculated correctly I should be ovulating this weekend and get my period on june 17. Well see. Baby dust to us all.


miss - June 6

can u get pragant after being on the shot and the patch


Jen - June 14

Your body has to regulate itself after coming off the pill. There is no predictor of when that will happen after coming off the pill. Have you tried taking your basal temperature levels to find out when you are ovulating. Also, you may be on a 31 day cycle instead of 28 which can affect your ovulation date. Log your period for the next 3 months and see when you are having it. Then calculate your ovulation date. Most doctors say you have to have been trying for a year before they consider a problem. It took my sister in law 3 months to get pregnant with her first child and 9 months for the second. Sometimes nature just has to take its course. Hang in there, and enjoy the trying process. Don't stress about. Good luck!


Eve - June 27

I got pregnant right away after taking birth control pills for more than 10 years; healthy baby boy, no problems. Be cautious of taking Chinese herbs; Don Quai actually is for menapausal women-causes bleeding and miscarriages (that was from a former accupuncturist/herbologist in China!)


jay - September 28

hi, i new to this site, but some advise seem helpful, i was on bc for about a 1 & 1/2 and have been off for almost 1 yr, we have been trying to get pregnant since feb of this year, this past month i had a us done which revealed a cyst on my lt ovary, my md says it should go away in 1-2 menstrual cycle, however i still scared, i have also been on my period for a month with heavy clotting. has anyone encounter this preoblem....



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