Pregnancy after an abortion?? Help!
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Andrea - July 1

Hi, I had bad complications 6 weeks into my last pregnancy.Because of this, I had to Abort it :( This was over a year ago. Seince then My boyfriend and I have been trying so hard to conceive again. But, nothing seems to be working! We got pregnant before with no problem....What could be stopping me from getting prgnant??? I really need you'r advice..please!!


Drew - July 2

Hi Andrea, did you have another post similar to this? Just asking cause another lady had one too. I had a m/c almost 5 years ago, and had to have a d&c. There was twins and one had passed and the other was not forming proper, weak heartbeat ect. Anyway when I got the d&c (same as abortion) they told me there could be problem with scar tissue in the vagina, cervix or both. Maybe this is the problem? You should see your doctor and let him/her know that since the procedure there has been problems. They should be able to find out whats going on. Hope this helps! :)


Jenny - July 2

My sister had a son when she was 19 and then a daughter at 20 which was still born. but prior to that when she was 15, 16, and 17 she had 3 she has been on no type of B/C for the past 10 years, and she cant get pregnant.her doc says it's scar tissue.


to andrea - July 3

if there were complications in the pregnancy then you wouldnt need to abort as m/c would have naturally happened!


Drew - July 3

To whoever wrote to andrea, your body doesn't always naturally m/c when things are not going right. It happened to me. If our bodies were like that, there would be no one with retardation, or any other form of birth defects. Those are considered complications.


merlee - July 3

Well put, Drew.


to drew - July 3

how would they tell if the child would have birth defects at 6 weeks? im not trying to argue here just wondering :o)


Drew - July 4

Well, have you considered that maybe it was her who had the medical issues at that time?


to drew - July 4

maybe....but aboertion is still wrong


Drew - July 4

Yeah, your totally right. Why not risk her life AND an unborn baby's life all because it's wrong. Makes sense.



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