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Julie1 - February 19

Does any one know if i can get pregnant a day after Ovulation??


wannabeamom - February 19

I have read youare still fertile up to 24 hours after. Good luck.


Julie1 - February 19

Oh Ok thanks alot!! :-)


Senna - March 9

Unlikely, Your egg is viable for 12 hours and when you know you have ovulated its probably too late the next day because it takes sperm 12 hours to prep themselves for fertilization. This was qoutes by Dr. Amos on webmd. He is GREAT!


Becca - March 14

Yeah, once you ovulate you have 24 hours to fertilize the egg....(that's an average..some women less, some more). My specialist told me well as other docs in the past.


June - March 14

Unlikely, I know that it takes sperm 12 hours to prepare for ita journey and fertilization. The egg is viable for 12 hours maxium 24 (very max)...And its unlikely to succeed the day after . If you want confirmation of this go to webmd and search for Dr.Amos TTC chats.

Good luck


June - March 14

OMG Senna....I did'nt read your post but when i did i was shocked ..You sound just like me! LOL scary......



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