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bex - December 11

im on my 21st day from my first day of my last period and not started yet. on clomid and desperate for another baby. been trying for six years. any advice?


Tiffany - December 12

Well, do you temp? Chart? If not there is a free website that can help you chart your temps. Its called Fertility Friend. What else are you doing?


MuzikGurl - December 12

another baby??? be thankful you have at least one...many women on here take just as long to have at least one..if not longer...(not being rude of anything...)...just count your blessings...take care and good luck.


cw - December 12

i know what you mean about another baby. i have one that is almost 7 and i love him more then life itself and i am VERY thankful for him. i lost 2 before him and he is my life. we have been trying for almost a year for another and it hasnt happened yet but i am praying that it will soon. you should start temping and using opk's to pinpoint when you O. i hope that we ALL get those BFP real soon. and that includes the ones of us already have one!!!!!!



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