preggers question???
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Anny - November 20

my period is not due until the 25th and i hae been having cramps (really bad) for a week and now it gets stronger and stronger and my boobs have been hurting since like the 10th they arent bigger but feel real heavy and they hurt. i dont know anyone know whats happening or have any idea of what might be happening?thanx ahead of time...just a little worried cuz i dont want to get happy for nothing and scared to take the test and read a negative result.....


Anny - November 20

any 1 able to help me please?? and im sorry the cramping has been for 2 weeks and iv been sleeping every chance i get and the cramps move from side to side??


debbie80 - November 20

Anny- I have had 2 miscarrages already and both times before I found out I was pregnant I had really bad cramps like my AF was coming, and then she never showed up. I am due this weekend for her and I hoping she will not show up... I will not test until you have missed your period so you are not disappointed with a negative..I do the same thing, good luck to you


Anny - November 20

debbie80 ::aww ur so sweet lets wait till the 25 if if i dont get it then we test on the 26 and meet up back here and exchange hopefully good news!!!



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