pregancy test question
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??? - July 1

Hey! Has anyone ever taken a hpt a couple days before af was due and got negative, but then take one after af was supposed to be due and get a positive? Has anyone known anyone that has?


Lena - July 1

I haven't personally known anyone but I've heard it happens all the time. HPT measure hCG levels, which double every 24 hrs at the beginning of pregnancy. The HPT vary in the quantitative level that they measure. Some test measure at 15, others at 100. So yes, if you are using a test that can't measure until 100 than one or two days can make a huge difference on negative vs positive. explains this really well on their site.

I'm a testing addict. I'll do it everyday (Sometimes twice a day) just hoping and praying that I'll get 2 lines. I'll probably faint in the bathroom if/when it ever happens. lol


Drew - July 2

Lena I seriously lol'd when I read that post!! You sound just like me, a test junkie!! I could probably feed a small third world country with the money I have spent on hpt's!! I said the exact thing to my dh if I ever got a positive. I told him he should stand with the phone ready to call 911 cause I'll probably get laid out cold!! lol, good luck you two!!


Lena - July 3

Drew, I'm glad I'm not the only testing addict. Its become a big joke between me and my RE. This cycle she is letting me bloodtest on CD28 instead of making me wait a few days past expected AF, just so I can save money.


michelle - July 3

Hello fellow testing addicts. Avoid those Answer (I think it's quick and simple) early result pregnancy tests. says they are bad too. I got 2 postive ones a week ago. I was soooo happy. They were wrong, I tried a bunch of other tests which were all negtive, AF came 2 days later. ARG!


Amy - July 3

I am so sorry to hear that michelle. Girls, i have spent so much money on pregnancy tests but now, i am gonna keep a close eye on myself. My hubby and i just started trying and i am so excited. I hope we get pregnant this month. I wish all of you the best of luck and fingers crossed! baby dust! Lena and Drew, i would probably faint as well. i would be in shock, cuz i want another baby so bad. lol. i was in shock when my hubby said he was ready to start trying. i cried tears of joy too:)


Drew - July 3

I think I'm gonna start asking for the blood test around that time. But knowing me, even if it's neg. I'll do a hpt later cause in my head I'll be telling myself it was too early, even though I know its not. Man, I think I need a hobby....something to keep me busy!!! lol


Lena - July 4

Michell, I had a false positive last cycle too. I suspected it was false from the start because the line wasn't even all the way across. (that how I discovered For about 4 hours, until AF arrived, my husband and I sat on the couch, holding each other and hoping it was true.

Drew, I know each negative test I take has to be too early or is just plain wrong.

Amy, I was so nervous when I told my husband I wanted a baby. He's quite a bit older and has a son just a few years younger than me. Early on he made it quite clear he couldn't and didn't want children. When I told him he jumped up and down with joy. I was so, so happy!



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